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Guide / Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic therapy is a relatively new kind of treatment for pets having only been accepted amongst the wider veterinary world in the 21st century. The therapy concentrates on the vertebral column and manoeuvring the spine so that the nervous system can work to heal, restore or sustain well-being. When bones in the spine (vertebrae) are … Continued

Guide / Acupuncture

Acupuncture 1

Veterinary acupuncture is a type of therapy that is designed to promote healing by inserting tiny needles into certain points on an animal’s body, with each point on the body having a different reaction when stimulated. Originating in China, the practice is thousands of years old and can be used as a proactive form of … Continued

Care / Caring for an Older Dog

Caring for Older Dog

Our dogs are often our best friends and so as they start to become very old they will become less agile, slower moving and not as responsive as they once were. When this starts to happen we owe it to our beloved companions to ensure that we do everything possible to make their last years … Continued

Care / Top Tips for if Your Dog Goes Missing

Missing Dog

When a dog goes missing it is a very stressful time; they are often seen as part of the family and therefore it is only natural to worry. We thought it would be helpful to put together a few of our top tips to help find a dog should they ever go missing. Use the … Continued

Guide / Obesity

Pet obesity can stem from many problems, but the primary reason is a simple and obvious one; our pets aren’t using up all the energy in the food we give them. This in turn gets transferred into fat, and before long your pet is piling on the pounds. But since you can’t just give your … Continued

Guide / Frostbite and Hypothermia

Frostbite Hypothermia

When a dog is cold there a few ways that it tries to maintain its body temperature that are similar to humans. One technique that a canine’s body will use is called vasoconstriction and this is when the blood vessels tighten to reduce the volume of blood flow passing through. The purpose of this is … Continued

Cat / Split Personality – Cats on their own terms.

Cat - Cheyne

The eldest of our two cats, Cheyne, is coming up to nearly 8 years old. She’s my first real pet other than a goldfish I had when I was 10, and is a beautiful blonde brown tortoiseshell. Around my wife and me she is loving, calm, playful and affectionate – with a little torti sassiness thrown … Continued

Infographic / Accident Help & Advice

Knowing what to do in an emergency could save your pet’s life. We’ve compiled a list of suggestions as to how you can keep your pet and yourself calm and react most appropriately when faced with an emergency situation. In Emergency Situations: First ensure the safety of yourself and others. Keep calm and assess the … Continued

Cat / Pet Donors

Pet Donor Card

A topic that I would like to talk about in this article is that of pets and tissue transplants. I have been immersed in the transplant world since 1996 when my mother had a heart and double-lung transplant. She is still with us today and is fast approaching her 17th transplant birthday; thus, I am … Continued