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Infographic / Accident Help & Advice

Knowing what to do in an emergency could save your pet’s life. We’ve compiled a list of suggestions as to how you can keep your pet and yourself calm and react most appropriately when faced with an emergency situation. In Emergency Situations: First ensure the safety of yourself and others. Keep calm and assess the … Continued

Cat / Pet Donors

Pet Donor Card

A topic that I would like to talk about in this article is that of pets and tissue transplants. I have been immersed in the transplant world since 1996 when my mother had a heart and double-lung transplant. She is still with us today and is fast approaching her 17th transplant birthday; thus, I am … Continued

Products & Equipment / We Highly Recommend the Buddy & Friends Memory Foam Mattress

Wellie Zzzz

A few months back my Border Terrier Archie and I were lucky enough to test the Buddy & Friends memory foam mattress. Whilst this product is indeed a very good one, I had set my sights on something a little larger in size, the memory foam lounger. Archiebold will sleep anywhere but as he gets … Continued

Dog / Do You Need to be the Pack Leader?

Group of dogs

I recently came across a thread on a dog forum that discussed whether dog owners really need to be the ‘pack leader’ in order to get the best out of their dog. For the last 50 years, the majority of canine behaviour psychology has focused upon the belief that an owner needs to be dominant … Continued

Products & Equipment / How Hilton Herbs Shampoo Helps Archie the Border Terrier

Hilton Herbs Bathtime

Last week was bath time for Archie; a very rare event in our household. As some people know Border Terriers produce their own natural oils that help keep their coats waterproof, so bathing should not be done except in matters of real need. Well last week was a matter of real need, I am not … Continued

Infographic / Easter – Why Pets Should Hop the Choc

Cats and dogs are naturally curious about the foods we eat, and treats like Easter eggs can be all the more alluring with their exciting foil wrapping and interesting boxes. Its important to keep chocolate out of reach of pets; even the smallest amount can cause huge health risks to your beloved cat or dog. … Continued

Dog / Are Dog Parks the Answer?

Dog Park

I had to unfortunately visit the vets last week with one of my dogs (Archie) and as I was at reception there was a petition against having to have your dog on a lead in a town park. This shocked me as although I love my dogs to run off the lead there are certain … Continued

Products & Equipment / A Review of the Dicky Bag

Dicky Bag Features

Dog Poo – Something needs to be done. When looking for pet products to test I try and look for innovative ideas that can really make a difference to pet owners. This review focusses on a product that tackles dog mess, which I think is not just a problem for me but many dog owners. … Continued

Cat / Coping With Pet Euthanasia

dog and man sitting

I was sat at the vets the other day when I had another one of my thoughts, how many people know what to do if it comes to having their dog put to sleep. I have had 4 dogs and each of them have been lost in slightly different circumstances. Even though as pet owners … Continued