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Dog / Are Working-Type Dogs the New ‘Scrap Metal’?

dog sitting in a field

It’s been well documented that in recent years there has been a tremendous rise in the theft of working-type dogs. We were discussing the subject in the office and someone said to me it’s like these dogs are the new ‘scrap metal’ of a few years ago. We all laughed but the more I thought about … Continued

Products & Equipment / Buddy & Friends Memory Foam Bone Mat – A Review

Buddy and Friends mat

After buying myself a new memory foam mattress I wondered whether there were any kind of memory foam products available on the market for dogs and to my delight I stumbled upon the Buddy & Friends Memory Foam Bone Mat. When it first arrived my initial thoughts were that the product felt lovely but would it actually … Continued

Infographic / So Much Love, Not Enough Words

Valentine’s day is a time for celebrating the ones you love and who love you; who better to spoil and shower with attention than your pets? This infographic, entitled ‘So Much Love, Not Enough Words’ was inspired by you. 1,000 of our policyholders took part in a survey to form the heart-warming statistics found here … Continued

Products & Equipment / A Review of the Cat Mate Pet Fountain

Cat Mate Pet Fountain

The Cat Mate Pet Fountain is designed to give your cat or dog consistent access to fresh water when you cannot be there to keep checking, changing and refilling their water bowl. Normally I am not one for pet gadgets but I must say that this product is very well designed and excellent value for … Continued

Infographic / 12 Pet Safe Tips of Christmas


  Winter can turn our world into a wonderland and, with Christmas not so far away, decorations and festivities are everywhere we look. While the seasonal sights and sounds are a treat for us they can prove dangerous for the animals in our lives so here are a few key points to watch out for:

Guide / A Guide to Choosing a Pet Sitting Service

Dog with suitcase

How Do You Know Which Pet Sitting Service to Use? There are a number of options available these days; you can place your pet into a boarding kennels or cattery, you can have them stay at someone else’s house, or even have them looked after in your own home. With this wide choice of services how … Continued

Cat / Starting a Life with Cats and Dogs

We recently carried out a survey taking a look into what it means to be a pet owner in this day and age. Part of the survey took a look at how many people had adopted or rescued their companion and found that although 87.2% of people said that they would or had considered adopting a … Continued

Dog / Canine Toilet-Training Options

Dog In A Crate

A topic that I have touched upon in the past but not explored fully is that of crate training a puppy. I have never crate trained a puppy and so I am curious, is it the best way, what does it actually help the puppy learn? Is it beneficial when toilet-training? Crate training seems to … Continued

Dog / Nature vs Nurture and Stereotyping Breeds


Many people today will automatically judge a breed of dog when seeing or walking past it just simply because it is a type of breed. Whilst some will class this as stereotyping, others will argue that it is a breed classification. But is it right for us as humans and dog owners to automatically jump … Continued