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Hair Removal at Home

Hair Removal at Home

Pets are truly the best, cat or dog. But, they do come with some unwanted extras. You might love them but you probably don’t love the layer of hair on your carpet or the strays that stick to your clothes. Sometimes buying an expensive vacuum just isn’t possible so we’ve got a few tips and tricks on how to get rid of the hairs.


Sticky Tape

You might have some leftover sticky tape lying around since last Christmas or passing birthdays, this can come in handy! All you have to do is wrap it around your hand, sticky side out, and start dabbing the carpet until it can’t pick up any more hairs.

It might take you a while to do the whole house like this but could be handy if there’s a certain spot, or rug, your pet likes rolling on. A lint roller would do a similar job here, too. You could even get the kids, or grandchildren, involved in the pet hair removal fun!

sticky tape used for pet hair removal at home

Pumice Stone

You probably have one, or a few, of these lying around in the bathroom. This time, you don’t use it on your cracked heels but on your hairy carpet! All you need to do is scrape the stone along the surface and the hair will emerge from the carpet and gather together. Then, either vacuum them or simply grab them and bin them.


You might have one of these hidden miracles in your bathroom, too. Not only can they clean the shower glass but it can also be scraped along the carpet, sofa or the car’s upholstery and will gather the stray hairs just like the pumice stone.

Hardwood or Vinyl


A damp mop can work wonders on hard floors! It will attract and grab onto those stray hairs instead of using a vacuum where the hairs would fly every which way.


If you have time and some fresh grass cuttings spare you could scatter the grass onto the hard floor. This acts in the same way as a damp mop, so it attracts those stray hairs. Then, just brush it all up and throw it all away. Or, even better, you could compost the grass and hair so that your garden can benefit from your shedding pet in the future!

a lint roller used to remove pet hair from clothes



Any type of rubber will work quite well. Rubber gloves, rubber brush, squeegee or a balloon! All you need to do is dampen your chosen weapon before running it across the surface to attract the hair. Rubber gloves do work best for this. Damp sponges work, too, but pet hair does like to stick to the sponge. Whereas, with the rubber gloves you just need to rinse them and, voilá, ready for round two!


Lint roller

After saying goodbye to your cat or dog at the door you might be ready for another day at work, but your clothes are now covered in fluff! Investing in a lint roller is key when owning any furry friends. It does make quick pet hair removal all that bit easier. You could even keep it next to your door, in case of any emergencies. Damp rubber gloves work in the same way, but that might take a while longer than just grabbing the lint roller.

Do you have any tips of tricks on the best pet hair removal methods? Share your wisdom in the comments!

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