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The Cost of Owning a Pet

Becoming a pet owner for the first time will present far more challenges than one might first assume. You’ll need to be sure that your lifestyle will be the best for a cat or dog, you’ll need to be able to give them the attention and love they deserve, and you’ll need to be prepared for the cost. It can be forgiven for thinking that a cat or dog doesn’t cost that much to keep but you’ll be surprised at how it can all add up quickly.

Knowing that you can provide for a pet is certainly a part of animal welfare. Unfortunately, a select group of people will simply bring a kitten or puppy home with no forethought as to how they can afford it. Pets are a luxury and not a right. With the vast majority of pet abandonment cases the inability to afford the animal is often the underlying cause. As with all things human, some people can be incredibly cruel and rather than dumping their animals, they’ll take out their frustrations on them in the form of verbal or physical abuse.

So you can see why it is essential for someone to understand the level of cost that a cat or dog brings with them.

If you want to own a pet then you’ll need to account for food, veterinary visits, treatments, bedding, toys, food bowls, water bowls, leads, litter trays, and pet insurance. It’s also worth factoring in the potential costs of repairing accidental damage or additional cleaning that your pet may incur. Whilst this may seem like a little cost to some, it can seem like a mountain of a cost to others.

With veterinary fees consistently rising it is wise to have a financial plan, such as a pet insurance policy, in place. If you research all the levels of cover available then you should be able to find a policy that offers what you’re looking for. By doing this you’ll be safeguarding not only your financial future, but also your pet’s health and welfare.

All animals should be loved and cared for; it is the duty of an owner to look out for their pet’s welfare, and as such, the cost of owning a pet should be thoroughly researched before bringing home an animal.

Pet owners can all play a part in helping to raise awareness of this issue. If you have a friend that is considering becoming a pet owner, then talk to them about the financial implications, making sure they understand the tasks that come with having your own cat or dog.

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