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Top 10 Amazing Cat Facts

a cat sat by a chair

Cats, they’re amazing and amazingly strange all at the same time. We’ve selected 10 of the most amazing yet bizarre facts about our little tigers that will have you saying ‘that explains a lot’ in no time.

  1. “Human come here!”

Did you know that cats created the ‘meow’ to communicate with humans?

  • The ‘meow’ that kittens use to solicit attention from their mother cat was adapted to gain our attention… crafty little tigers!


  1. “I can hear you!”

Did you know that cats have over 30 muscles to help control their ears?

  • Their ear muscles help our little tigers rotate their ears 180 degrees, meaning they can follow you pretty much anywhere you go, just with their ears!


  1. “I can fly!”

Did you know that cats can fall from incredible heights?

  • In the past our little tigers have survived falls from over 1000ft*.

*Please do not try this at home.


  1. “There’s a gift for you in the living room… enjoy!”

Did you know that your cats ‘hairball’ is actually called a ‘bezoar’?


  1. “Listen to my voice!”

Did you know that a cat can make over 100 different vocal sounds?

  • And a dog can only make around 10?

a cat on the windowsill

  1. “My feet are sweating…”

Did you know that a cat only sweats through their foot pads?

  • No wonder our little tigers smell amazing!


  1. “Do I fit?”

Did you know that cats use their whiskers to see if they can fit into small spaces?

  • Amazingly, cats love small spaces the most as it provides them comfort and safety.


  1. “It’s me!”

Did you know that, just like human fingerprints, cats have a unique pattern on their nose?

  • Now that is adorable!


  1. “Stand still, let me rub my scent all over you human!”

Did you know that cats have scent glands that run along their tail, across their forehead, lips, chin, and also on the bottom of their front paws?

  • Their scent is a way for them to mark their territory and warn off any trespassers. this is another reason they scratch things…


  1. “I eat all my carrots!”

Did you know that cats require seven times less light than humans to see at night?

  • They must be amazing at hide-and-seek in the dark?!

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