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Top “Why Does my Cat” Questions from New Owners

Top “Why Does my Cat” Questions from New Owners

Cats can be very odd and engage in bizarre and sometimes annoying behaviours, but we love them dearly nonetheless. From headbutting you to knocking things off your desk, at some point during owning a cat you will say to yourself ‘why on earth is he/she doing that?’.

We’ve explored some of the most common peculiar behaviours and the reasons behind them.

Why does my cat knead me?

From a scientific perspective, this common behaviour stems from when they are a kitten, and the kneading movement is thought to stimulate the flow of milk for nursing. This also explains why some cats will suckle on blankets, or on your clothes, at the same time.

Why does my cat dribble?

Cats drooling is not as common as when dogs do it, however a dribbling cat is often a happy cat! They are so happy and content that their muscles are fully relaxed, and it is also linked to the reasons why a cat kneads.

Why does my cat scratch the furniture?

Cats scratch to their claws sharp and mark their territory. They may turn to your sofa if they don’t have an adequate scratching post, and they may prefer the softer material.

To deter a cat from using the sofa, a good trick is to place the scratching post directly in front of the furniture they scratch, then to praise and offer a reward whenever the post is used instead.

Why does my cat eat grass?

Cats will almost always vomit after eating grass, as their stomachs cannot digest it. Your cat may be eating grass to clear his or her stomach of hairballs.

There is no evidence to suggest that natural grass is harmful to cats, however please keep your cat away from grass which has been treated with pesticides as this is toxic.

Why does my cat headbutt me?

If you’ve been watching the (incredible) show Dynasties, you may have noticed that in the ‘Lion’ episode the big cats often bump heads, also against each other. It is a way to leave a scent mark, which in this case is a sign of bonding and affection, and it is no different to when your tiny lion does it to you!

cat cuddling its owner

Why does my cat urinate outside the litter box?

If your suddenly starts urinating outside of the litter box, you should take him or her to see a vet firstly to rule out medical problems.

Once this is ruled out, some reasons behind your cats behaviour are as follows: an unclean litter box, litter trays in undesirable or inaccessible area, or changes in the home environment leading to stress (for example, a new other pet).

Why does my cat knock things off table tops

Cats are curious creatures. Are they simply playing with the object on your desk, or are they simply doing it to annoy you?

A scientific explanation relates this behaviour to the prey instinct; your cat will use his/her paw to test that the ‘prey’ is ‘dead’, inadvertently knocking the object onto the floor. It’s also an attention-grabbing move for you to come running and play or pet them.

Why does my cat get the ‘zoomies’

If you don’t know what the zoomies are, the likelihood is that you don’t have a pet. So – the ‘zoomies’ is when your cat all of sudden has a burst of energy and sets off at the speed of light running across house.

This often happens in the dead of night, and interestingly has a scientific name: Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAPs). It may be to relieve pent up energy, or feeling relieved after they have done their business. Or because they are training to take over the human race. Seriously.

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