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Tips and Tricks for Travelling with Dogs

Tips and Tricks for Travelling with Dogs 2

Travelling with dogs doesn’t have to be stressful, it can be fun for everyone. You might just be heading around the corner or you might have a road-trip planned this summer for all of the family to enjoy. It might have been something you’ve been planning for a while but packing always seems rushed on the day you’re due to leave. Here are our tips and tricks to having a calm and pleasant road-trip with your best friend, wherever you’re headed.

Planning Early

If you’re looking to stay at hotels, Bed and Breakfasts or a campsite it’s better to plan ahead. This way you avoid any disappointment and can concentrate on planning your fun adventures. Make sure they’re dog-friendly and whether or not they charge a fee for your furry roommate.

  • What to Pack

  • Water (either from home or bottled)
  • Travel water bowl
  • Their usual food
  • Toys
  • Their favourite bed, blanket or pillow
  • Poop bags
  • Towel
  • Treats

Before Jumping in the Car

It’s always a good idea to give your dog lots of exercise or a long walk before you all head off on your drive. This way, they’ll be tired and relaxed and will likely settle in the car for you. Try not to feed them before you travel. If your pet travels on an empty stomach they are less likely to be sick, but this obviously depends on your pet as you know them best.

During the Journey

Before setting off make sure your pet is restrained by using a seat belt harness, pet carrier, dog cage or dog guard. This way you’ll be abiding Rule 57 of the Highway Code and will avoid any unnecessary fines for careless driving due to being distracted by a loose pet. Make sure the car isn’t too hot for your dog. Everyone should be comfortable on their journey, especially your pooch! Most cars offer air conditioning nowadays; this will allow everyone to cool down if it’s a hot summer’s day outside.

Make sure to stop regularly for breaks. This is advisable for your pet, the driver and probably bored children in the back! Breaks allow everyone to stretch their legs. Make sure that you provide water for your dog while you’re stopped, and a chance for a toilet break. Always have those poop bags ready!

Never leave your dog in a car if you’re planning to go inside a service station for food. Make sure they’re either looked after outside by a passenger or if the station is dog-friendly, even better, they can join you inside! They should never be left in a hot car.

Reaching your Destination

Once you’ve reached your destination and before you check-in and get unpacked reward your dog and give them some treats as they did so well on their journey. Then, simply enjoy your adventures, wherever you may be.

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