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What Makes a Dog Man’s Best Friend?

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So what makes a dog mans best friend? Dogs have been a part of human life for centuries. Whether they have been pets or used for working purposes, they have maintained an enduring presence throughout social history. We’re going to take a look at why the canine has been labelled ‘man’s best friend’.

The most unwavering attribute that a pooch possesses is its never-ending loyalty to its owner. Once a bond has been forged between a dog and human it is very hard to break. It is heart-warming to think of the amount of unconditional love and defiant loyalty that this animal can have for its owner.

The most famous example of this is that of ‘Hachiko’. At the end of every working day he would greet his owner at Shibuya train Station in Tokyo. The pair continued this daily routine until the owner died. Despite his master not being at the station any more, Hachiko continued to wait at the station for him every single day for nine years until he himself passed away. Its stories like these that demonstrate the innate loyalty dogs can be born with.

An endearing characteristic that is persistent with dogs is their loving nature and joy of interaction. A dog will accept its owner without question. If an owner provides food, water, shelter and love then a dog will see that person as its whole world and love them completely. They are there to greet their owners when they come home from work, no matter what the weather is they will want to go on walks or runs and there is never any doubt whatsoever that they will not want to play. Time spent with dogs creates laughter and happiness and can also provide exercise. Many dog owners who like to keep active will often take their dog on a run with them.

An underlying aspect of a dog’s personality is its ability to understand. They can recognise their owner’s frame of mind and emotions and react to those emotions. It allows certain types and breeds to be trained for helping humans in a variety of diverse situations. Aid dogs help people with all kinds of varying incapacities. They can be a blind person’s set of eyes, a deaf person’s ears and even help do tasks around the house for people with other physical disabilities such as turning lights on and off, opening and closing doors, pulling wheelchairs, retrieving dropped objects and summoning help. Specific dogs are used by the police to search for drugs and also to deter offenders from attacking.

A dog is a very social creature and likes to be involved with what humans are doing. Their desire for constant communication combined with their attentiveness and willingness to please will ensure that humans continue the tradition of loving this animal for years to come.

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