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A look at what Animal Welfare of Luxor have been up to

Animal Welfare of Luxor

Animal Welfare of Luxor is a dedicated animal charity based in Egypt which is committed to treating all types of animals who find themselves in their care. Animal Friends sponsors AWOL with £2,000 every year to fund Dr Mohamed who provides the veterinary care at their centre.

We recently received an update from AWOL about how the funds help them to improve animal welfare in Luxor and also hear about some of the recent visitors at the centre.

AWOL’S work in Luxor centres around our vet Dr Mohamed who is extremely dedicated to the welfare of the animals and cares deeply for them. Dr Mohamed has been working with AWOL for many years and we are really lucky to have him. Experienced vets are not easy to find in Luxor, many of them prefer to work in Cairo or Alexandria where they can find much higher salaries and better working conditions with fully equipped facilities.

We are extremely grateful to Animal Friends Insurance for sponsoring Dr Mohamed, it is a huge benefit to know that we have the majority of his salary covered, especially as the current situation in Egypt is so unstable making raising funds so difficult. Tourist numbers are also extremely low which impacts negatively on both our donations received in Luxor and from the UK. It’s only when people visit Luxor do they realise how many animals need help and care and are then inspired to help.

AWOL’s work depends on the ability to raise funds to cover the cost of care we provide. The two most important aspects of this care are: the necessary medications to treat the animals and the services of a qualified vet. Animal Friends takes care of one of those by sponsoring Dr Mohamed and we fundraise whenever possible to try covering the other.

The charity has been treating the animals of the deprived West Bank rural areas in Luxor for five years. We are the only animal welfare charity working in this particularly poor area; therefore AWOL’s work is vital to the wellbeing of the animals and also the livelihoods of their owners.

In the last few weeks AWOL has cared for a variety of animals including: donkeys, dogs, horses, camels and cats. We have treated a dog who was involved in a car accident this month and another has been brought in with severe injuries. Many dogs lie and sleep on the side of the road, as many years of experience has taught them they are safe here from the snakes and scorpions that lurk in the undergrowth. However, this means that they are at risk of injury from vehicles passing close to the side of the road. If they are lucky enough to be brought to the AWOL centre for treatment then they have every chance of making a full recovery. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon to see dogs with deformed legs or crippled through this sort of injury. Although it can be shocking to visitors, many of these animals still live relatively well and are fed and looked after by their owners. Another little visitor we had was a young puppy who had walked on hot embers and badly burnt his paws. Dr Mohamed removed all the dead skin and bandaged his feet so they can start to heal.

This month we have also seen the usual mix of weak, malnourished animals in poor condition. This is often due to the animal having a severe case of worms or ticks, but with the right treatment and medication the animal will gradually recover over time. This is especially important in the case of working animals, mainly donkeys and horses, as they need to be strong and healthy to work effectively. If they are not of use to their owner they may be abandoned, or worse.

Over the years, AWOL has also worked in the nearby villages to educate animal owners on the importance of preventative treatments and now continues to spread this message at the AWOL centre. Many of the people we now see at the AWOL centre are the owners we previously talked to in the villages bringing their animals to us for preventative treatment before they encounter any problems. This is something that would never have happened in the West Bank area before AWOL was set up as there was no veterinary treatment available.

In these difficult times, the support of Animal Friends is invaluable to continuing our program of care for the poor and hardworking animals of Luxor’s impoverished rural communities.

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