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Animal Aid

Animal Aid is dedicated to peaceful protest against animal abuse and and promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle. They bring media attention to injustices against animals and raise awareness of animal welfare issues.

We've Donated £1,500!

“Hi there, my name is Louie. I am so tiny and fragile, I could fit in your pocket! I’m so small, but still somebody cruel left me to die in a cold, dirty alley…until a kind man saw me lying still on the cold floor. The lovely humans at Animal Aid took me in and rushed me to the vets, where I was given life-saving fluids and antibiotics. I was hypothermic and very near death. They saved my life.”

Animal Aid is a cat rescue centre based in Liverpool and dedicated to caring for abused, abandoned and unwanted cats across Merseyside. We feel it is our duty to help cats like Louie who are so much in need of our love and attention. We assess each cat medically when they enter our cattery and ensure they receive the best care suited to their needs. If a cat requires treatment it is funded via volunteer fundraising or monies raised from the Animal Aid charity shop in Walton. Our team checks every forever home that our cats go to and our aim is to match each cat to the owner they deserve.

Animal Aid has been active in the Liverpool community since 1990 and is an independent charity.  With the economy in its current state, the number of unwanted cats has increased vastly in the last few years. The cost of vet’s bills means that many owners feel they can no longer care for their cats. Animal Aid’s policy is to never put a healthy cat to sleep and we would love to give every unwanted cat the care it needs. We are desperately trying to raise funds in order to expand our operations, so that in future we don’t have to turn any cat away.

Our work is so rewarding; watching Louie grow in just two weeks with us from a weak and timid little boy into an active, inquisitive and loving, healthy kitten who is almost ready to be rehomed has been such a joyful experience. The entire Animal Aid team is committed to working with these cats and will continue our work in any way we can. Unfortunately, the population of cats in need of care in Merseyside is ever increasing and our aim is to expand our current cattery in order to double our intake of cats in need. We are asking for support from people like you, who understand like we do that all animals deserve a loving and comfortable home. With your help, we can continue to provide shelter and love for Louie and his like for a long time to come!





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