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Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary

This Christmas we are celebrating family, and we know every family is unique. A family is what you make it. Like all of us here, you probably consider your pet as a member of your family so we’re taking the time to consider all of the animals across the country that haven’t found their forever homes yet.

We have chosen two very special charities to work with over winter to ensure the animals in their care enjoy a nice Christmas. Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, Bristol, and Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary, Manchester, have both received £25k each from us to help towards the costs of running the centres. Not only that, but we are also helping with the fees for rescuing around 50 animal from each centre so that the animals can find their perfect family for life.

Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary

Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary is one of the largest of its kind in the North West of England and has gradually evolved since the 1950s. They currently care for over 450 animals, from cats to horses. Gemma Atkinson is currently the Sanctuary’s President and has been visiting since she was a young child, now she helps with fundraising and promotes the team’s hard work.

We asked the Sanctuary a few questions about the donation, any future plans, and what family means to rehomed pets.

What does the £25K donation mean to you?

This is a very generous donation and we are extremely grateful for the continuing support provided by Animal Friends.The sanctuary is totally dependent on donations and gifts – it takes nearly £1 million per year to support its running costs.

What will the money go towards?

The donation will cover a third of annual food costs for all the animals.

What future projects do you have lined up?

There are ambitious plans to modernise parts of the sanctuary which are showing their age next year. Particularly to create a new dog centre which will include the replacement of two blocks of kennels which are very dilapidated. The kennels will then cater for 20 dogs and provide more comfortable living conditions for them while they are at the sanctuary.

a cat at bleakholt animal sanctuary waiting to be adopted

What can a family do for a rehomed pet?

All of our animals have a story to tell. They may have been abandoned, neglected or have been separated from their owners through no fault of their own. They just need someone to love them!

What can a rehomed pet do for a family?

All our animals can make great pets, and we try very hard to make sure they are suitable for their new homes. Younger or older, smaller or larger, quieter or louder, there is a pet for every home that will bring added fun and affection into the family.

To find out more about our Christmas campaign visit our Family Is What You Make It hub. You’ll be able to find your nearest rescue centre on our interactive map, get a quote for your beloved pet, and keep an eye out for our exciting gift guide!





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