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Oriental Cat Welfare Trust

The Oriental Cat Welfare Cat Trust are a breed-specific charity who aim to rescue cats which are full or part Oriental. The OCWT is part of the Oriental Cat Association; they have always had welfare as top priority so the charity was formed to focus on this. Having a breed-specific rescue such as this means that people looking to rehome from specifically this breed can find their perfect pet. The trust give the cats in their care a full health check including vaccinations, making steps to ensure that they only rehome cats when they are in the peak of health.

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The Oriental Cat Welfare Trust

The Oriental Cat Welfare Trust (OCWT) exists to provide much-needed welfare, rescue and re-homing services for Oriental cats and cats with Oriental blood lines. These services were originally provided by the Oriental Cat Association, with whom we are affiliated. The OCWT provides welfare advice for all matters pertaining to Oriental cats, re-homes using the ‘Home to Home’ system and via one of our safe houses.

The OCWT is a responsible breed organisation that recognises the need to provide a rescue and re-homing service of our own breed rather than put pressure on general shelters that already have so many other cats to deal with.

Oriental cats, just like their non-pedigree cousins, can find themselves in need of our services for a variety of reasons. Some can be non-specific and difficult to understand, others are very straightforward such as the owners through a range of reason are no longer able to care or the cats.

The OCWT is run by volunteers who provide their time and services free of charge. The main activities of OCWT take place in East Sussex where our Safe Houses are established. Our rescue and re-homing service has been in existence for the past 10 years, during which time we have rescued, provided veterinary treatment and eventually re-homed hundreds of cats. We have also helped many people who have experienced problems in owning Oriental cats with behavioural problems and our advice has frequently avoided those cats being rejected by their owners.

However, we also provide coverage throughout England and Wales and are therefore able to support cats on a national basis. Enquiries from Scotland are also welcome. Since people are able to access us via our website from all areas of Britain there is no geographical restriction as to those who can ask for our help. We have contacts throughout Britain who act on behalf of the Trust to collect Oriental cats in need of rescue and transport them to designated Safe Houses under the auspices of the trust; we are thus able to help anyone who owns cats of the varieties for which we cater.

Our friends and trustees are critically important to our fundraising activities and help support the future operations of the charity. No charges are levied for the services we provide to the owners of the Oriental cats we rescue. They may make a donation to the Trust if they chose to do so. Additionally, it is not a condition that people who adopt a rescued cat need to make a payment to us, however, we do ask for a donation.





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