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Who are Fife Cat Shelter?

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Establishing itself as a registered charity in 1993, Fife Cat Shelter has grown to become a charity that is crucial to feline welfare. In 2013 they had to find homes for over 450 cats, something that is quite astonishing when you think that they are run entirely by volunteers and are self-funded. Caring for cats in distress includes providing veterinary care, neutering programmes and the time and cost of finding the right home for each specific cat; it is remarkable that a small group of volunteers are able to make such a difference to the cats of Fife.

Cats are handed in to the charity for a variety of different reasons; some owners may be moving to a different country, others may have become allergic, whilst changes in lifestyle or circumstance, such as pregnancy or death of an owner, may be the main factor. Unfortunately, a number of the cats that need help are simply abandoned and left to fend for themselves, with some turning into strays. Many of the cats that come into the Fife Cat Shelter are quite old and often they will have to go and live with one of the charity’s dedicated foster carers or supporters.

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