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Animal Friends helps Gentleshaw Wildlife Centre

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We have received some wonderful charity news from the Gentleshaw Wildlife Centre (GWC); a sanctuary based in Staffordshire that helps to rehabilitate injured birds of prey and then return them to the wild. Back in March our employee of the month, Johanna Paget, chose to help GWC by making a donation to aid with a specific project of theirs. They needed funding to build a secluded aviary for birds of prey that would enable the charity to nurse the injured birds back to full health in a calm and caring environment.

GWC have sent us some excellent pictures of the completed aviary that is already being put to good use. The structure has a lift up roof for easy release and can be moved about to other locations meaning that the birds can recover and fly off into the wild once they are better. It has already housed a Tawny owl with concussion before it was released and two more are due to move in shortly. Both are week-old Tawny owl chicks found having fallen from their nests. The chicks are not handled and are feeding themselves; their brood unit means they cannot see humans. This unit will mean they will stay away from human contact and will be able to be released back into the wild where they belong, usually aged around 18 weeks, although they have some growing to do first!

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