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Meet Otis the Owl – An introduction to the North Wales Bird Trust

Otis - North Wales Bird Trust

Hello everyone! My name is Otis and I am so excited to be able to talk to you here! I am the most important owl at the sanctuary run by the North Wales Bird Trust (NWBT) and as the most experienced blogger I have been asked to tell you a little about us and the work we do. I am a Collared Scops Owl and part of the Education Team that goes into schools to talk to the children about owls, the environment and conservation. I really like being with children. You see I’m actually a very small owl (but with a big personality of course) and everyone loves me very much! Especially children! I keep in touch with all my fans in my own blog where you can find out all the news and what we are doing at the Trust. Why don’t you have a look and maybe send me a message or a picture?

Besides the education project, the volunteers at the Trust do a lot of rescue work – mainly with owls and birds of prey. When people find a sick or injured owl they bring it into the sanctuary and our people make them better and then make sure they go back to their own homes out there in the wild. Last year was a busy year with lots of tawny owls, barn owls, buzzards, kestrels and sparrow hawks coming in. Most of them got better and are now back where they should be in the woods and fields.

My friends who live here at the sanctuary include quite a few who used to be “pets” but whose owners no longer wanted them. The people at NWBT are very kind and give a permanent home to any unwanted owls. There are some great characters among them and we have lots of fun. You should come to see us! You’ll find out how to get to us on our website. Do have a look and see our photographs!

As well as all the work our people do here, they are also helping Owls in the Dominican Republic; they have a big conservation project there.

I am glad I’m an owl at the North Wales Bird Trust! It’s a beautiful place and the people who look after us give us lots of love.  What more could an owl ask?

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