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Hello from Castledon Greyhound Rescue

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We are an independent rescue that provides a sanctuary & re-homing service for greyhounds in need in the UK. We provide the dogs with veterinary care, good quality food, spay/neuter, vaccinations, and lots of love and attention.

The rescue was set up in 1997 by Jodie and Sandra who are supported by a small but dedicated group of volunteers. Being independent, we receive no funding from any outside body and so rely solely on our own fundraising activities, the generosity of our supporters and of course, lovely people like Animal Friends!

Our dogs are all very special to us and we want to be sure that we place them in their ‘forever home’ first time around. With our homing process, we work slightly differently from other rescues. We always arrange to visit potential adopters and their family in their home before they come to the kennels to meet the dogs. This way, we can ensure that we match the character and needs of the dogs in our care to the lifestyle of new owners, rather than them picking a dog that is totally unsuitable for their circumstances. We want everyone to be happy – both human and canine and find that working this way works best for both the dogs and their new owners.

As well as finding loving homes for greyhounds, we also rescue greyhounds in their hour of need. One such story that illustrates this is that of Princess.

Here’s her story ………

In October 2008, we received a phone call from a concerned member of the public, regarding various sightings of a greyhound on the loose.

After 5 days of trying to catch her, we eventually managed to find her sleeping in a den that we had made out of bales of hay. The poor dog was in a very bad way, she had a very large tumour hanging from under her stomach. We were shocked to find out that she had escaped from a nearby racing kennels in 1999 and the poor dog had been out there fending for herself for 9 years!

We took Princess (as we named her) home.  She settled in amazingly well, considering what she had been used to. Princess needed an urgent operation and specialist care to remove the tumour, so as well as caring for the hounds at the kennels; we concentrated on fundraising to pay for this.

Thanks to the kindness and generosity that was shown by our supporters, this beautiful girl was given the urgent care and treatment she so desperately needed.

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Princess enjoyed just over 4 months with us, where she was surrounded by love and she learned to enjoy the home comforts that she had so sadly missed out on for all those years. Sadly, she started to deteriorate – although the tumour had been removed, the cancer had spread to her lungs and we had to accept that she was losing the fight.

We wish that she could have had longer with us – she certainly deserved it. But we do know that we were privileged to have shared those truly special months with such a wonderful dog. The courage that she showed to survive out there on her own for all those years was amazing.

Princess’ story is truly inspirational and one that illustrates the Castledon ethos.

We never turn away a greyhound in its hour of need and ask everyone to vote for us so that we can continue to help these wonderful dogs find new homes.

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Hello, fellow animal lovers! I’m Elena, and I take care of social media for Animal Friends Insurance. I’m here to share the latest on animal welfare, our charity work and pet care. I foster and adopt rabbits and have a rescue dog called Luna.