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Harper Asprey Provides Wildlife Aid


Most of our wildlife comes to us via local vets, individuals and through our website. Wildlife Aid and other organisations also generate wildlife that needs immediate care, albeit orphaned creatures or those which have been involved in some sort of accident and need to be nursed back to health. We are sometimes available to go out and rescue animals from all situations, we are the only rescue centre locally and thus our continued work is important as they simply have no one else. Much of our wildlife when it comes into contact with man obtains injuries that are not in themselves life threatening. However, in the wild a lack of food and an inability to protect yourself can, and often does, mean the end.  A creature with a relatively simple injury can rest and be fed and is easily returned to the wild where it belongs.  We treat a multitude of injuries including serious injuries such as road traffic accident and many broken limbs.

We operate from privately owned land at two locations. We have several purpose built cages and runs, along with a “hot room” and intensive veterinary cages. There are 16 volunteers who assist our centre in varying roles amongst these are trained veterinary nurses, wildlife carers and administration personnel. The dedication of these volunteers ensures that 100% of all funds raised directly benefit the wildlife. We are not open to the public to view our patients as all of our occupants need to be kept quiet and away from people. I am usually available 7 days a week all year round, for members of the public to bring animals to us or just to ask advice; if we can help, we will.

We regularly go into schools and give talks to try and emphasise and encourage the importance in caring for our planet and the creatures that inhabit it. To me this is the most important part of our work. These young people are our next generation, they are our future and we believe their contribution can ensure the continued existence of our wildlife. We also encourage them to love our “mini beasts” because without our bugs we wouldn’t be here. We do not charge for this, for those who wish to contribute we ask for donations of dog/cat food and towels as this is our greatest expense. Our budgets are limited but our enthusiasm and energy is not. We raise money through fayres and country shows, etc and we are grateful to our sponsors who support us by regular donations.  However small, it allows us to continue our work. One sachet of cat food will feed a baby hedgehog for a day. We all enjoy our work here; it is very rewarding and thank you for supporting us and helping us to extend it.

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