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Incubators Help British Wildlife

Hedgehog babies

The Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue was selected by a nominated  member of the marketing team to donate £1,000 to as part of our Employee of the Month scheme. On contact with the charity they were thrilled to hear of the donation as they were desperate for one item in particular; an incubator for the orphaned wild animals. When the young or orphaned animals come in it is always nice to see them grow from the dependant young to the day of release, this is all done without hands-on care to ensure they are able to fend for themselves in the wild. This would not be possible without the dedication of the volunteers and certain equipment used to aid their survival, as the first stage of the animals’ care is vital.For many wildlife rescue centres an incubator would make a massive difference to the survival of the young in their care and they are seen to be a luxury, with heat lamps or matts being used when an incubator is not available. They often have clear fronts so that the volunteers and wildlife specialists at the charity can check that the young are ok without disturbing them. Knowing that we’ve helped to pay for this machine is very reassuring; especially since it means that a wide variety of British wildlife will have a higher percentage of survival and are able to return to the wild. We are not only helping the charity and the animals that are rescued, but also the population of these species in the long run.

They purchased the incubator in the beginning of February, incubators are useful during all times of the year; badger and fox cubs are the first of the year, followed by fawns and cygnets from May to July, and not forgetting hedgehogs mainly around June and July. The incubator increases their chances of survival controlling the air flow, heat and humidity to provide a stable environment. Incubators also provide a warm, safe and comforting environment for those animals that naturally live in groups or depend on the mother. Towels can be added for support and shaped into a nest or borrow, while toy animals can be used as surrogate mothers.

Anne Brummer from Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue said “An incubator to us really is a matter of life or death and we are so grateful for you enabling us to buy a second one that will directly help us rescue more orphans and return them to the wild where they belong.”

This donation has helped the charity with their rehabilitation of young, and along with the dedication of the volunteers, these animals have been given a second chance to be returned to the wild where they belong.

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