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HART Wildlife to Build New Enclosure with Animal Friends Donation


Home improvements are something that everyone needs to do from time to time and they are essential for a charity such as HART that do their upmost to care for British wildlife. As funding for a lot of small charities is low, the money that does come in is primarily used for feed and treatment. To have a sudden donation thanks to the hard work of an individual is a great boost when a charity is saving to rebuild and update existing buildings. Here is a thank you and follow up from HART after receiving Josh Webb’s Employee of the Month scheme donation of £1,000.

We at HART Wildlife are indebted to Animal Friends and Josh Webb for nominating us to receive £1,000 from their Employee of the Month scheme. We know that Josh wanted his donation to be put towards pens to help us provide more care for our British wildlife, so we will be using the money to repair some of our aviaries that have been put out of commission due to wear and tear. We will also now be able to double-skin our enclosures to rat-proof them and give further protection to the occupants, which are mainly birds of all shapes and sizes.

Earlier this year we had to build an enclosure to house single birds of prey to give them a larger space away from the main hospital building to recuperate and literally spread their wings. We are now badly in need of a second enclosure of this nature and so will be delighted to put some of the funds towards this.

Green Woodpecker

When most birds come to us they are often too small, ill or injured to go out into aviaries in our field immediately, so they spend some time in a smaller space in the main hospital building being fed, treated and monitored. Eventually all of the birds need to go out into bigger aviaries in our field to reintroduce them to being outdoors and check that they are actually able to fly before being released.  That is why our outdoor aviaries are so important to us, as well as the fact they help to free up valuable space in the hospital so that we can take in more sick and injured animals.

Thank you again to Animal Friends for helping us to continue our work here at HART, where our sole aim is to ease suffering and give more wild animals and birds the chance of a happy, healthy and natural life.

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