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12 Days of Christmas Charity Giveaway 2016: IAPWA

On the first day of Christmas Animal Friends donated to International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals!


IAPWA (International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals) is a UK registered animal welfare charity dedicated to creating a better future for animals in need.

Their first project was based in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, home to approximately 10,000 stray dogs. In many countries around the world, inhumane methods of dog population control are also practiced.  In 2009 IAPWA made it their mission to change the future for dogs in this region and, following four years of negotiations, they were awarded management of the city dog pound to run a humane programme to replace the previous methods. This was a huge success for the stray dogs and an important step forward to improve their lives


Above is a before and after picture of Louis. Louis was rescued by IAPWA and was even rehomed by Founder & Chief Executive, Nicky Stevens.

Along with this IAPWA have also:

  • Stopped thousands of puppies from being born to struggle on the streets through our neutering project.
  • Provide care and veterinary treatment to thousands of animals.
  • Assisted with changes in legislation to prohibit the consumption of dog and cat meat.
  • Helped to make animal fights illegal and increase penalties for animal cruelty.
  • Re-homed hundreds of dogs and cats into loving forever homes.
  • Run a number of education programmes to create a compassionate community with plans to expand this further.
  • Support other animal welfare organisations in Borneo with veterinary care.

In addition to their work with dogs and cats in Borneo the continued support has enabled them to:

  • Help a sanctuary in Malaysia to enrich the lives of many rescued sun bears.
  • Provide hundreds of animals with veterinary care through a project in Africa following extreme flooding in Tanzania which left many needing emergency help.
  • Provide assistance to a neutering and rabies vaccination programme in India.
  • Be nominated for and win ‘Charity of the Year 2015’ at the Ceva Animal Welfare Award, as well as a British Citizen award for International Achievement.

IAPWA have such an amazing team, working hard to make a real difference for animals in Borneo, India and Malaysia. Their work has not only helped animals now, but has put measures in place to protect many in the future.

Our first Christmas donation is to IAPWA for the exciting amount of:


I was lucky enough to make the call to IAPWA where I managed to speak to Nicky Stevens, Founder and Chief Executive, to tell them the great news. I’m sure Nicky wont mind me saying, but we were both in tears! It really is amazing knowing how much of a difference this money will make to the charity and how well received it was.

‘Thank you SO much again for your call. It’s honestly the best phone call I have ever had, and I can’t thank you enough.’

– Nicky Stevens Founder and Chief Executive.

We can’t thank our policy holders enough for continuing to use Animal Friends, as without you we would not be able to make such amazing donations.

If you want to find out more or see what IAPWA are up to, give them a follow on TwitterFacebook or go check out their website.

Merry Christmas, IAPWA!

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