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Molly’s Rescue Story (K9 Focus)

K9 Focus Molly

Molly’s Rescue Mission

You just know there is a crisis when the rescue phone rings, the mobile is vibrating and your personal (only known to a selected few), phone is ringing at the same time – oh and it is Christmas with the rescue supposedly closed down until January!

It was 21st December and Janet from Kinnings Kennels, where we keep our rescue dogs, was desperately trying to get hold of me to alert me to an appeal on one of the dog forums for a rescue to take in a very poorly, emaciated boxer cross. Molly was in the dog pound in Oswaldtwistle, Lancs and was so thin that she couldn’t stand and they were not actually sure if she was going to make it through the night, weighing only 19kgs. She was also covered in little puncture wounds on her head and face with a couple of large wounds on her front legs – we have no idea how these were came about or what her background was. All we knew was that she needed some loving care urgently if she was going to make it.

It is especially difficult at that time of year as many kennels close for Christmas and smaller rescues are left without places to keep dogs if they do not have their own rehoming centre. It was amazingly kind therefore for Janet to say that if we could sort out transport and get her to us then she would nurse this girl over the Christmas period when her kennels were closed. No mean feat as Oswaldtwistle is a cool 281 miles away! It definitely seemed like Mission Impossible with everyone out Christmas shopping and think more about cooking turkeys than driving a smelly, sickly dog to Devon!

An appeal was launched for anyone who could help this little lady and we have to say a massive thanks to Mary who drove her to Leeds to meet up with Peter who brought her all the way down to Bristol and met Phil who then brought her to Chittlehamholt where a nice warm kennel was waiting for her.

Working in rescue you would think you would get hardened to the sight of poorly dogs arriving but when Molly arrived I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room.  She was so thin you could count her ribs and she could hardly lift her head.  Despite being let down so badly by the human race she still managed to give each of us a lick on the hand, almost a thank you.  With a big sigh she settled into her basket and went to sleep.  That night Janet kept a vigil on her and just let her relax and the next day the programme of building her up began.  We now have her on four meals a day, she has been bathed, wormed and received flea treatment and to our sheer joy she has now put on just over 2kg.  Slowly but surely she is recovering and now enjoys a short run around the paddock.

Rescue is heart-breaking, but when you see the sheer delight on this girlie’s face every time you go into the kennels, it brings its very own reward.  Molly has the most fantastic temperament and is only a baby at about 12 months old.  While it is going to take some time to get her fully back to health she is definitely going to make someone a wonderful companion when we find that very special home for her.

Why man continues to treat its most faithful friends in this way is beyond me but thankfully there are still some very special people around – Janet, Mary, Peter and Phil who all helped bring this girl to safety.

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