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An Introduction to Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre

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Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre – popular with the name of KAT Centre is a registered charitable organization affiliated and monitored by Social Welfare Council Act of Government of Nepal, is a dedicated organization for the Humane Management of Street Dog Population through its Animal Birth Control (ABC) approach. Since its establishment in 2004, we are delighted to announce that we have already neutered 12,000 street dogs and Anti-Rabies Vaccinated far more than 25,000 roaming canine population.

According to the survey of World Society for the Protection of Animals in 2010, more than 32,000 dogs live on the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal, and many suffer from starvation, infected open sores, mange, and other injuries and illnesses. Rapid growth of street stray dogs population in the dumps thrown every corner inside city area and suitable climate with easy availability of foods are the major reasons that was creating problem in Kathmandu valley and Government has no approach other than poisoning them. Lots of human and economic resources were wasted in vain for poisoning the street dogs and dumping them to riverside leading several pollutions and damages in environment. Only KAT was the organization trying to stop dog poisoning and awaking community against it and making community aware for proper pet care, Rabies awareness and Human-Animal co-relation as the part of same nature.

Our goal is to reduce the number of stray dogs in Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley and eliminate rabies through: Animal Birth Control (ABC) & Rabies Vaccinations, Public Education: Teaching compassion and rabies awareness and Rescue & Treatment: For sick and injured street dogs and cats, many of whom are now available for adoption.

Our Animal Birth Control and Vaccination programme is changing the city and KAT’s Public Education programme raises awareness with Nepali adults and children. The KAT Centre has started the first Pet Therapy programme in Nepal along with public participation and direct community involvement programs from this year. We are approaching for long term fund raising and on-going support from Government of Nepal from the middle of 2013.

We are thank full and debited to our great volunteers, supporters, sponsors, donors and well wishers without whom it will not possible be to where we are today. Many national and international volunteers participate in our volunteering program and contributed their high skills to support programs and help by showing compassion to our resident dogs.

We are as always proud of our dedicated staff, who have lead us to these achievements. Our staff are all professional dog catchers and care givers who expertise in their fields and supportive to our program in their full capacity. In every turbulence and obstacle; they have shown their efficiency in meeting the target and completing the task in due time. Our vets are also the experts and we are happy with their efficiency in undertaking surgeries such as spaying.

In spite of our dedication and hard works, we are unable to care for all street dogs and to help solve every complaint from the community and supporters. We are always trying our best to meet the optimal level of our service for reducing the suffering from canine population, eliminate rabies from Kathmandu city and make Nepal a Human-Animal friendly city.

To extend our “Reduce in Suffering Program”, “Humane Management of Street Dogs through ABC Program” and “Public Awareness Programs for creating Rabies and Pet Care Awareness”, we need more support and helping hands throughout the world. For this we have heartfelt gratitude to Animal Friends Pet Insurance for letting us chance to participate in their program and support our program for fund raising events.

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