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Mane Chance Sanctuary was set up in extreme circumstances. You all know how much trouble the global economy is in, there are so many stories of sanctuaries struggling with funding it is a tragedy on an ever increasing scale. With families losing their homes and people struggling to pay bills, it has never been more difficult. Into this set of circumstances came a small sanctuary that ran out of funds and had to close.

Gwen and Blue Boy Small

From this Mane Chance Sanctuary was created, their attitude is if the horse is in reasonable health and has good quality of life, then let it see out its days in comfort. Their aim is not only to provide sanctuary for animals and aid rescues, but also to work closely with hospices and other organisations that provide help and joy to children and vulnerable adults with special needs. They currently already work with the children’s hospice The Shooting Star Chase. Some of the animals already based at the charity are very gentle. They provide amazing therapy; healing and empowering those with special needs.

Pictured above is Gwen and her foal Blue Boy. Gwen was in foal when rescued by Mane Chance and she has steadily been getting used to trusting people. Blue Boy was born on 12th April and was named as Everton F.C’s new mascot. As you can see, Gwen still has her tether from when she was rescued but the staff at the sanctuary are gaining her trust more and more everyday are hoping to be able to remove it soon.

The charity contacted Animal Friends Insurance as they needed urgent help with temporary stabling which can be used for box rest or to keep new residents safe. Having only recently relocated to a new permanent home and starting from scratch, requires flexibility while they raise funds and apply for planning permission for a new permanent yard on the site. The temporary stables will be used for field shelters in the future and will be a fantastic addition to the charity. The 2 buildings are double stables, stallion-sized and will be on skids to allow them to be moved around the site. As the development of the stables progresses we will keep you updated with follow up stories and pictures.

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