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Who are Maria’s Animal Shelter?

Maria's Animal Shelter

Maria’s Animal Shelter is a registered UK charity based in the Cornish countryside.  The shelter started up 13 years ago after taking in an elderly pony from a lady who could no longer care for her as she had cancer. Since then, the shelter has continued to grow to what it is today.

Maria’s Animal Shelter aims to rehome pets and takes in a range of farm animals and small domestic animals, with few places in Cornwall able to accommodate the smaller ones. We currently have approximately 80 animals in our care. We try to find loving, forever homes for the smaller animals and concentrate on home checks to ensure that rabbits and guinea pigs aren’t going to be stuck in hutches and will have freedom in their new homes.  If an animal cannot be rehomed due to medical problems, they will stay with us for life, making sure they will be in a good, happy environment with a friend to live with.

Maria’s Animal Shelter also works to give advice to owners to try and resolve any problems so the animal can then stay with them, it’s very rewarding to help the owner overcome a hurdle so they can keep their pet.

Earlier this month, Maria’s Animal Shelter had a phone call from a man who had found a goat tethered on cable wire with no food, water or shelter. He was unable to find the owner after days of searching. The day he phoned us it was torrential rain and the poor goat was bleating in distress. We aren’t usually able go and rescue animals as we have limited time and man power but on this day we were lucky enough to find a volunteer to collect him. He came to us as skin and bone and would not eat. We thought the goat’s body was shutting down due to starvation so we had to tempt him with small tiny morsels of food. Within a few weeks he turned around, gained weight and is the sweetest goat we have ever had…even with his horns!

All our animals have a story to tell, some are worse than others, but when they reach us we try to ensure they are happy. It is fabulous to watch the turnaround from a sad, depressed rabbit to one that races around his pen binkying or snuggled up with his new friend.

One of our latest residents is Rupert, a friendly male rabbit who is relaxed and happy at the shelter. He came to us after a lady had found her in her garden. Animals like Rupert desperately need our help. Last month there were seven rabbits left outside our gates, luckily all were in good health.

You can find us on our website mariasanimalshelter.com or on Facebook. Our contact number is 07980951540

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