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Noel Story - Kute Kitten

Noel’s Story and an Introduction to The Scratching Post

The Scratching Post is a cat rescue charity, based in Waltham Abbey & Cheshunt (Herts), but covering a much wider area. We rely solely on charitable donations and our fantastic volunteers for all their help and fundraising.

Our policy is to ensure that no cat is ever kept in unsuitable accommodation while it is waiting for a home. We believe that every cat in its own right is important and deserves the chance of a loving home and a happy life. Every cat’s individual needs are catered for and the best expert help is provided. We never put a cat to sleep unless there is no hope of being able to save them with a good quality of life, as advised by our vets.

The scratching post also deals with feral cats. These cats are trapped, neutered and returned to where they come from, or found a new site. Whilst they are with us, they are kept in open plan stables, where they have space to run, hide and play.

The story of Noel shows how if we see a glimmer of hope that a cat will recover, we will never give up on them.

Noel has been at the Scratching Post since Christmas 2010. He was seriously ill when we found him, he had extremely bad cat flu, was emaciated, beaten up, flea bitten and being an older cat had been abandoned. It was touch and go for many weeks as to whether he would survive.

We never gave up on him and after many visits to the vet and lots of fuss and love from The Scratching Post he eventually recovered. Once he started to feel better he became a grumpy old man! He would frequently lash out at us, so he was transferred into the feral unit where, with the freedom to move around in a much bigger space, he became a real pussy cat!!! He is so full of character and we would love to find him an extra special home.

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