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/ Who are K9 Focus?

K9 focus‘ sole focus is to rescue unwanted and abandoned dogs. Also aiming to increase public awareness of the plight of many dogs which are simply dumped in pounds and have 7 days before they are killed. K9 focus is run entirely by volunteers who give their valuable time freely and without whom many dogs … Continued

/ Who are K9 Crusaders

K9 Crusaders is a dog rescue and rehoming charity. Based in Cornwall they aid with behaviour, and health of all the rescued dogs, mainly from pounds. They offer advice and ensure that all the dogs go to the best possible home for their needs. With a strict non destruction policy the charity ensures that the … Continued

/ Who are Jane Goodall Institute?

Jane Goodall Jane Goodall is one of the world’s most famous conservationists and scientists studying wild chimpanzees and revolutionised how we think about both chimpanzees and ourselves. The institute aims to make a difference for all living things through conservation, research and education. Through Community Centred Conservation, Primate Care and Research and Environmental and Humanitarian … Continued

/ Who are IWCT?

IWCT have a permanent rescue centre for the dogs, who have been rescued from some appalling conditions and trades. A full and determined adoption program is working very well and where healthy dogs are not adopted, they are not being put down, but are living their natural life span in the most wonderful way they … Continued

/ Who are The International Otter Survival Fund?

The International Otter Survival Fund (IOSF) has been running for over 20 years. They have been set up to conduct scientific research into otters and the environmental factors that affect the around the world, and they are the only UK charity solely dedicated to the care and conservation of otters. Although, as a whole, the … Continued

/ Who are Horse World?

Horse World began by campaigning to save the lives of working horses, ponies and donkeys around the time that motor vehicles were becoming popular to use instead, helping these horses retire rather than being destroyed. 60 years on, the charity continues to work by rescuing, rehabilitating and re-home abandoned, neglected and mistreated horses. Horse World … Continued

/ Who are The Hopefield Animal Sanctuary?

Hopefield Animal Sanctuary has been running for 30 years, caring for 350 animals each day. Horses and ponies, rabbits, cats, dogs and a large number of farm animals in their care from various backgrounds. Each of these animals is given the best care possible and many live at the sanctuary for the rest of their … Continued

/ Who are Hope Rescue?

Established in 2005 and acting as a coordinating rescue, Hope Rescue‘s work involves moving dogs from situations where they’ll otherwise be put to sleep. The majority of the dogs that Hope Rescue has to save are those that have been taken in by local council pounds around the area of South Wales, and of course, … Continued

/ Who are Home Counties Boxer Welfare?

The Home counties Boxer Welfare aim to rehome those boxers who, through no fault of their own, have to find a new family. They also try to help with general advice on the Boxer breed and any problems which may arise. Their work consists of booking in and vetting homes available, taking details of dogs … Continued