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12 Days of Christmas Charity Giveaway 2016: PanEco

On the eleventh day of Christmas Animal Friends donated to PanEco!


PanEco Foundation was first started in 1996 and has been actively involved in the conservation of the habitat of the Sumatran orangutan in Indonesia since around 1973 this is closely linked to the work of Regina Frey.

PanEco’s main aim is liberating and caring for orangutans and working towards reintroducing them back in to the wild. The orangutans are becoming endangered due to the destruction of their habitat, so PanEco are constantly working towards protecting the rainforest and educating locals about the environment.


As orangutans are victims of the rapid deforestation, their habitat is being cleared to produce timber and for new palm oil plantations. Indonesia is now the biggest palm oil producer. One in two products at supermarkets contains palm oil however nature is paying a high price for this. It is not just the orangutans that are suffering, many other species are also losing their homes. Also the, slash-and-burn agriculture and drainage of the swamp forests produce large quantities of greenhouse gases to be released, and the chemicals which are sprayed in turn contaminate the soil.


Orangutans are also under threat because of the trade of orangutan babies. Orangutan babies are seen as a status symbol. In order to get to the young animals, the mothers are shot. In many cases, the young orangutans will also die whilst they are falling from the tree.

PanEco have so far protected 332 Thousand Hectares of rainforest, protected around 3500 Orangutans and have employed 88 wildlife protection to name just a few of their many accomplishments. There how ever is so much still to do.

Our eleventh donation is to PanEco for:



As always, we can’t thank our policy holders enough for continuing to use Animal Friends, as without you we would not be able to make such amazing donations. To learn more on why we chose PanEco please watch the Christmas video below!

If you want to find out more or see what PanEco are up to,  give them a follow on Twitter, Facebook or go check out their website.

Merry Christmas to all at PanEco!

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