Lucky's Story - An Introduction to Redgate Farm Animal Sanctuary

/ Lucky’s Story – By Redgate Farm Animal Sanctuary

Elena Barnard

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Dogs at Redgate Farm Animal Sanctuary

Lucky came to the sanctuary on 16th March 2005. It was late, 10:50pm.

Jean and Derrick had just returned from holiday when the telephone rang. The caller was a very concerned member of the public in Coalville who had found two dogs tied to a tree by the road.

There was a dog we called Jack (who was later re-homed) and a girl who we called Lucky. She was the most poorly of the two with weakness from starvation and a flea allergy resulting in weeping sores. She also had a strong smell of petrol about her. All in all she was one very scared, sad animal that had been left to die.

Lucky was rescued and rushed to the vets. After two days of treatment, she came back to us for our famous tender love and affection. One of the first tasks was to get her to trust people again. With patience and the dedication of the staff, this was achieved.

Looking at her now it seems to have worked. It has been a long process, but she is now the most gentle and wonderful dog you could hope for.

She remains at the sanctuary as our yard dog and lives a very happy life mingling with the other animals. Look out for her when you visit the sanctuary, despite her past she always enjoys a fuss – once she is comfortable with you.

This is just one of the many stories of mistreated animals that the sanctuary has helped. We rely totally on public donations to keep the place running. If you can help us in any way by donating goods, money , fundraising or your time through volunteering, we would be most grateful. You can also become a friend of Redgate or sponsor an animal like Lucky, or another of our permanent residents.

Hopefully with your support we can continue to provide a safe loving environment for animals like Lucky.

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