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A Charity Update from Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land

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To help support the wonderful work that Lucy and her team continually undergo, Animal Friends contributes to the running of the centre in Qalqilya on a monthly basis. Recently, our Managing Director, Elaine Fairfax presented Lucy with an additional one-off donation to help the large costs that are incurred from such selfless work and helps animals such as Twinkle.
Twinkle is a donkey that was rescued by Safe Haven after they had received a call from a woman living on a moshav (a cooperative agricultural settlement) near Jerusalem. An old man living on the same moshav had kept lots of animals when he was younger but as he got older he started to lose his mind and told the lady that if someone didn’t take away his last remaining donkey then he would kill her with a pitchfork.

Safe Haven went to see the donkey and had to immediately send for their farrier as her hooves were extremely overgrown and she was finding it hard to walk. They named her Twinkle (because she’s like a little silver twinkling star) and took her back to the centre in Qalqilya where she is now being cared for. She is still finding it tricky to walk as she is used to walking with long, twisted feet but the staff are confident that with time Twinkle will be absolutely fine.

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