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Small Pet and Cat Care – Winnie’s Story


We (Small Pet and Cat Care) were told that Winnie had one of her front legs stuck through her collar for almost 10 months. The man who was feeding her could not catch her to take her to the vets.

Within 20 minutes of being given her location one of our volunteers had caught her and taken her to our vets. The collar was embedded in her axilla (armpit) and the wound was badly infected. As all of our rescue spaces were full we had no choice but to board her at the vets.

Due to the infection, Winnie could not be operated on so she was given a course of antibiotics and her wound was washed with a disinfectant twice a day. After Winnie had finished her tablets her wound was still being cleaned daily. This lovely little girl was very friendly and trusting despite the months of pain she had suffered and she soon became very attached to Caroline, one of the veterinary nurses. Caroline noticed that Winnie’s wound was knitting together so after pointing it out to the vet, the operation was postponed.

A rescue space became available with us so Winnie left the vets and an appointment was made for a check up the following week. At the appointment it was obvious that Winnie had missed Caroline and Caroline had missed Winnie. The wound was healing nicely and the vet said he wouldn’t need to operate after all; this was very good news for Winnie. Two weeks later the wound was only the size of a 10p coin.

This was a nice ending to an awful situation, but the best was yet to come…Caroline offered to give Winnie a forever home!

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