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Transferring from Aviva

Some useful information if you purchased your policy from Aviva and will be or have been transferred to Animal Friends.

The Animal Friends policy will be similar to your existing Aviva policy. When we offer you a new price at renewal, we’ll also provide you with the new policy document and schedule, which will outline what your policy covers. Please check this cover still meets your needs.

We’ll also cover any medical conditions, which first occurred during the time you had your Aviva Pet Insurance policy, before it was transferred over to us.

View the new policy document.

Any claims up until your renewal date should be submitted to Aviva. After your renewal date, providing you’ve accepted our new price at renewal and your cover has been continuous, please send any claims to us.

If you choose not to renew with us, any cover you had with Aviva will cease at the expiry date, including cover for any ongoing conditions covered by your Aviva Pet policy.

Find out how to make a claim with Animal Friends.

When your Aviva Pet policy comes up for renewal, you will not be able to renew with Aviva. Instead, all your policy information will be transferred to us and we’ll offer you a new price for cover from your renewal date.

Please check your current policy details for your renewal date.

Please note that your price may change due to your pet’s age, claims history and other factors such as advancements in veterinary treatments.

Aviva have decided to reduce the number of products they provide. As a result, we will offer a price for you at the time of your renewal. Any existing medical conditions will be covered on the same terms as your Aviva policy.

We have over 20 years as pet insurance experts and every policy you buy with us helps us to support animal charities world-wide.

At renewal your premium may change. This may have been the case if you’d stayed with Aviva as premiums can increase as your pet gets older, as the chance of your pet getting ill increases.

Any discounts you had with Aviva will no longer be available. We don’t offer multi-pet discount as we believe that all our customers should get the lowest price possible, no matter how big or small their animal family is. And with lower prices, when you insure more than 1 pet with us, our prices remain very competitive against multi-pet discounts.

You may be able to get the insurance cover you want at a better price if you choose to switch provider, other than Animal Friends. However, any pre-existing conditions may not be covered.

Our Silver, Gold or Platinum policies cover dental treatment if it is a result of an injury.

You are also covered for dental treatment to relieve suffering due to illness, as long as:

  • the pet has been insured under this policy for at least 2 years
  • there is a history of regular routine dental check-ups
  • there has been no previous dental treatment required.

The excess is the amount you have to pay towards a claim and will be applied to each condition you claim for.

The standard excess for Silver, Gold and Platinum policies is £75. If you have chosen a voluntary excess, this will be applied in addition to the standard excess.

The amount of your voluntary excess will be shown on your policy schedule.

If your claim is for vet fees and we make more than one payment for the same illness or injury, the excess will be applied to the first payment we make in each insurance year.

For instance, if your pet needs ongoing treatment for diabetes, we will apply the excess to the first payment we make, but not to any future payments for this condition within the same period of insurance.

When you renew your policy, we will apply the excess to the first payment we make for this condition following your renewal.

For example, If you have a standard excess of £75 and a voluntary excess of £100 and you submit a claim for £500:

  • We will first make a deduction of £175.
  • We will pay a total of £325 towards your claim.

Any claims for an incident happening before your renewal date should be submitted to Aviva to be handled in accordance with the terms of your Aviva Pet policy.

After your renewal date (the start date of your Animal Friends policy) any new claims should be submitted to Animal Friends.

Yes. Joii is available for all dog and cats insured with Animal Friends.

Joii is an online vet advice service, providing video consultations from the comfort of your own home. You need to be 18 or older, live in the UK and have a valid email address to use Joii.