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Do beagles get along with children?

The Beagle is renowned for being a breed with a vibrant and fun-loving nature.

However, despite their softer sides, Beagles were originally bred as scenthounds and were trained to track hares and rabbits.

With their background in hunting, this breed is small, sturdy and sometimes stubborn too.

What’s important for potential owners though, is whether these dogs are child-friendly pets and how well suited they are to family life.

Read on to discover why the Beagle is the ideal choice for your family.

Are Beagles good with children?

When you’re bringing a pet into your family home, it’s important that you choose one that has a calm yet playful temperament. The Beagle certainly ticks these boxes.

Just like children, Beagles love playing, and are energetic, happy pets.

They have a great degree of warmth about them, but can show a mischievous and disobedient side which is more endearing than irritating.

However, one thing that’s important to remember is that they need to be introduced to families at a young age so they can socialise accordingly. If you adopt an older Beagle they could be troublesome and harder to train.

What are their other characteristics?

As well as being good with children, there are many other things families need to know before getting their very own Beagle.

Here are some things you should consider:


As mentioned previously, the Beagle is renowned for being energetic, playful and happy.

In fact, they’re also one of the friendliest breeds around.

As an owner of one of these pets, it’s important to keep your schedule free when possible, as they love being exercised and aren’t content with being stuck indoors all day. They perhaps aren’t the best fit for an inactive, or older owner.

Despite their high energy levels, they’re still able to remain very calm and tolerant, which is why they are perfect for a family with children.


Pet health is one of the biggest concerns for potential owners, so it’s important to be aware of what illnesses your pet is prone to and how you should act on it in the case of an emergency.

Fortunately for many Beagle owners, this breed isn’t prone to illness. However, the conditions they’re most at risk of include nasty ones such as glaucoma, intervertebral disk disease, cherry eye and hypothyroidism.

To keep yourself protected in the instance of an illness or health issue for your Beagle, it’s best to invest in a dog insurance policy so you can avoid any hefty, unexpected vet costs.


A Beagle’s feeding requirements are dependent on their age and size.

Beagles are also known as ‘chow hounds’ and can get overweight easily as they love to eat. To ensure that your dog doesn’t have any health complications due to their weight, make sure you know exactly what they consume each day.

Beagles aren’t very adaptable to change when it comes to their diet, so if you’re looking to get them on a healthier regime, introduce it gradually, otherwise it can upset their stomach.


Another thing that’s superb about this breed is that they’re fairly low maintenance, and when it comes to grooming, their short non-shaggy coats don’t require much attention.

Beagles usually require a daily brush, but nothing more. In the instance that they get covered in dirt, their short, neat coat ensures that any dirt comes off relatively easily with a quick warm water wash.

If you’re interested in owning a Beagle, but want to know more on how they can acclimatise to family life, get in touch with a breed specialist today to go over your reservations and most importantly, don’t forget to look into insurance for dogs.


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