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FitBark 2 Dog Activity Monitor Product Review

FitBark2 is a tracker that tracks your dog’s energy, sleep and wellbeing. You can also combine it with a Fitbit or smartwatch to track both of your activity levels together. The FitBark is the shape of a dog bone. It is a simple one coloured design and sits nicely on a collar. In the box, you receive the FitBark 2, a black cover, 8 zip ties, 1 charging cable and a quick start guide.

Ease of use




Our rating


Can change the colour of the case
Lightweight and waterproof
Can be used on dogs of all sizes
Monitors dog’s activity and sleep levels 24/7
Can be linked to a smartwatch
No monthly fee
More expensive compared to other trackers
Collar can’t be wider than 1.5 inches wide
GPS is only available in the USA and not the UK
Cannot be attached to a harness
Have to use new zip ties every time you change collars
Have to be within a certain range of the Fitbark to see updated data

What we like about the product

The app allows you to add your friends. This means you can track your friend’s dog’s BarkPoints (the more the sensor moves on your dog’s collar, the more points it collects) as well as your own, turning activity into a friendly challenge to be at the top of the board. On the daily tracker, you can also add to your dog’s journal which has different subcategories such as food, activity and health. This means you can track more detailed events of your dog’s day to day life.

What we don’t like about the product

As the app uses Bluetooth to link to the tracker, I dislike having to be near the product to check on Max’s activity levels. This can be solved with a WiFi station however this item isn’t the cheapest (around £45 depending on retailer) and is sold separately to the tracker.

The final verdict

Overall this is a good-sized tracker and I love the fact it is waterproof, especially as Max loves to go for a swim during the summer. It allows me to track his activity, sleep and well-being. This is important as a decline in these areas could indicate something isn’t right with him. It also allows you to jot down daily notes to remember important events your dog has done that day. It is a very easy tracker to use and the app gives clear information.

I believe there are cheaper products out there that can track very similar criteria marks. However, if the FitBark2 added a GPS tracker to it, I would definitely buy this product.

Mad Max

Mad Max is a medium mixed breed. He is crossed with an Australian Kelpie, Rat Terrier, Canaan Dog, Whippet and Border Collie. He is 4 years old and is ball crazy! He loves to have his picture taken and loves going on new adventures.