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Getting a Pet

There comes a time in every adult’s life where they start to wonder… am I ready to get a pet?

Here at Animal Friends we truly believe that animals make our lives richer and happier. In fact 93% of our staff are pet owners ourselves. This means that many of us have been through the process of deciding when to get a pet, which pet is right for us, and how we plan to raise these new additions to our families.

From the moment you first start wondering whether you’re ready for the commitment of a pet there are lots of things to consider and decisions to make, and we have guides to walk you through it, every step of the way. What kind of pet would you like? Have you decided whether to find a breeder or adopt from a rescue? Would you rather choose a young or older pet? Will your pet fit around your lifestyle? What will you name them? Which pet insurance policy should I choose? These are all matters that merit serious thought.

Getting a pet is an incredibly exciting time in a person’s life, and many of the choices to be made are a huge amount of fun, like picking out beds, collars and pretty bowls, not to mention visiting potential new furry friends. That said, it’s a big decision, and being as informed as possible will help you make decisions with confidence.

So, whether you’re working out which shelters to visit, which harness to buy, or simply thinking about names, we’re here to help.

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