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Animal Friends Insurance helps the victims of poaching at Zambia’s only elephant orphanage

Simon King visits Zambia’s only elephant orphanage to see how a donation from Animal Friends Insurance has helped changed the lives of the ivory trade victims that are left standing.

Naturalist, film maker and author, Simon King OBE, recently visited Zambia’s only elephant orphanage after he finished filming the stunning BBC2 series ‘Countdown to the Rains’ to see how a donation from Animal Friends Insurance has helped changed the lives of the ivory trade victims that are left standing. Whilst there Simon learnt more about the project and even had time to say thank you to Animal Friends Insurance in a short video message.

Established and run by the Guildford based, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF), the Elephant Orphanage Project (EOP) has received funds from Animal Friends Insurance after the insurance company sponsored the DSWF’s ‘Wild and Young Artist of the Year’.

In Africa one elephant is killed for their ivory every 15 minutes, many are the victims of poaching. The Elephant Orphanage Project near Zambia’s capital, Lusaka cares for elephants that have been orphaned and bear both the internal and external scars of their traumatic past.

Elaine Fairfax, Managing Director of Animal Friends said: “This is just one of the many wonderful DSWF projects we support. It gives me so much hope that projects like this exist to battle the vile practice of poaching and the dedication shown by all involved with this project really does help to illustrate the best side of human nature.”

The goal of the project through the nursery and release centre is to return all the rehabilitated elephants back into their natural habitat to help save the dwindling wild population. It is key to ensure the areas they are released back into are safe, which is why the project also works to addresses park protection, anti-poaching,community outreach and education

Simon King said: “The elephants at the nursery facility act as ambassadors for the conservation of their species in the wild. People are able to view them and to learn more about the reasons they are there, namely poaching and conflict with humans.”

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