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Animal Friends Insurance supports IFAW Animal Bravery Award

IFAW Animal Action Awards 2013

Every year, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) celebrates those who commit to supporting animal welfare and the extraordinary animals themselves in the ‘Animal Action Awards’. Animal Friends Insurance is delighted to be sponsoring the ‘Animal Bravery’ award which recognises remarkable acts of bravery from some of Britain’s pets.

The awards ceremony will be held at The House of Lords on 22nd October and will be hosted by Baroness Gale and presented wildlife television presenter Bill Oddie.

This years’ winner is seven month old German shepherd – collie cross Geo, who pushed 10-year-old Charlie Riley out of the path of an oncoming vehicle and took the full impact himself.

Charlie’s mother Carly was walking Geo in November last year with Charlie and her two other children when the vehicle mounted the pavement heading straight for Charlie. Geo was knocked into the road and hit by the vehicle again as it sped off without stopping. Geo suffered a broken leg, fractured spine and underwent multiple surgeries after the accident, but thankfully, one year on, he is a happy and healthy dog again.

The other nominees for this award were:

Sotty, a 14-year-old King Charles spaniel who rescued his owner by barking for help after the pair fell 600 feet from a cliff in Snowdonia, leaving his owner unconscious. Sotty spent 10 days alone in Snowdonia after being spooked by the rescue helicopter. Thankfully, he was reunited with his owner while he was recovering in hospital after being found by a couple climbing in the area.

Maisie, the Labrador who can sniff out when six-year-old Alena may be about to slip into a diabetic coma. Alena has type 1 diabetes and Maisie is trained to alert both Alena and her mother when her blood sugar levels are either too low or too high by detecting a unique smell on her skin.

Elaine Fairfax, Managing Director of Animal Friends said: “I am thrilled to be supporting the IFAW ‘Animal Bravery’ award, which continues to honour the life-changing stories of these exceptional animals.”

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