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Dog Wins £5,000 Donation for His Rehoming Centre

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10485740_793217087367117_1600026524374167031_n(Amesbury, Wiltshire) — Hilbrae Kennels are to receive a £5,000 donation from Animal Friends Pet Insurance after ‘Bulley’ won the insurance company’s ‘Rehomed Pet World Cup 2014’ competition.

The competition saw 32 rehomed pets represent their rehoming centres and compete to receive the most votes in a five round tournament to win a £5,000 donation.

Bulley’s story is quite a fantastic one and it is easy to see why he has received the huge amount of votes that have led to him being crowned the Animal Friends Pet Insurance Rehomed Pet World Cup Champion. After being brought to Hilbrae’s kennels by his old owner when he was just under two years of age, Bulley spent nearly a decade hoping and waiting for someone to give him a second chance at life.

After nine long years, making an appearance on the radio and being the centre of various social media campaigns, Bulley was finally given a new home by Babs and David Bufton and is now living a happy life.

In regards to winning the competition, Marty, Owner and Founder of Hilbrae Kennels said: “To win a £5,000 donation means so much to Hilbrae, our kennels were only designed to last 10 years but we have not had the opportunity to fix these in the last 25 years. The money we have received from Animal Friends will be used to make sure that our kennels can be updated and allow us to provide a better environment for dogs that we rescue and rehome in the future.”

Hilbrae Kennels is a family-run business that takes in stray dogs from the Shropshire areas of Bridgnorth, Telford and Shrewsbury. The charity looks after the dogs until their original owners can be found; if the owners cannot be found then Hilbrae Kennels will look to rehome the dogs. They also run a boarding kennels for cats, dogs, small pets and cage birds.

Shaun Bartlett, Communications Team Leader for Animal Friends Pet Insurance said: “We are delighted that this has been such a success. The whole reason for running the competition was to highlight the vital work that animal rehoming centres carry out on a daily basis, often as volunteers working in their free time. Even though Bulley and Hilbrae Pets Hotel and Stray Kennels have won, we feel that each and every rehoming centre is a champion in its own right. Our hope is that the wider public will be able to see how amazing and selfless the staff of animal rehoming centres are and help out where possible.”

For media inquiries regarding the Animal Friends Pet Insurance ‘Rehomed Pet World Cup 2014’, individuals are encouraged to contact Communications Team Leader, Shaun Bartlett, directly at: press@animalfriends.co.uk.

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