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71 percent of pet owner votes in the election affected by animal welfare policy

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71% of pet owners claim that animal welfare policy will affect their vote in the election, in spite of 59% admitting to not knowing which party does the most for animal welfare, according to a recent survey conducted by Animal Friends Insurance.

This survey shows that more than twice as many pet owners think that the current government has been mostly bad (18%) rather than mostly good (8%) for issues to do with animal welfare and 94% think sentences for animal abusers need to be tougher.

75% of women said that animal welfare issues would affect their vote, compared to 57% of men. However, 62% of women claimed not to know which party had the best animal welfare policies, as opposed to 49% of men.

Animal Abuse Legislation was the issue that respondents said matters most to them with 37% choosing this as their top priority with microchip scanning coming out bottom with 2.1% of the vote.

Animal Friends Insurance MD Elaine Fairfax says “As a company that cares about animal welfare we were heartened to see that the majority of our policyholders would be voting with the best interests of animals at heart. We support charities that deal with cases of animal abuse, neglect and abandonment on a regular basis, so it’s hardly surprising that animal abuse legislation is at the front of many pet owners’ minds.”

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