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Animal Friends Pet Insurance Celebrates World Cup 2014 by Supporting Animal Rehoming Centres

(Amesbury, Wiltshire) — Animal Friends Pet Insurance is giving 32 animal rehoming centres the chance to win a £5,000 donation as part of its ‘Rehomed Pet World Cup 2014’ competition.

Running alongside the FIFA World Cup from 12th June to 15th July, the competition will see 32 rehomed pets represent their rehoming centres and compete to receive the most votes in a five round tournament to win a £5,000 donation.

The UK’s animal rehoming centres are facing a crisis as the amount of cats and dogs being brought into the centres is more than their limited resources can handle. The Dogs Trust 2013 Stray Dog Survey found that a shocking 111,986 stray and abandoned dogs were picked up by local authorities throughout last year alone ( ).

The idea for the ‘Rehomed Pet World Cup 2014’ was borne out of Animal Friends Pet Insurance’s desire to help these rehoming centres with the struggles they face on a daily basis. Not only will the winning centre receive £5,000, but the competition will highlight the excellent work that rehoming centres do to help cats and dogs in need.

In regards to rehoming animals, Kate from the K9 Crusaders Fundraising Group said: “Due to the overwhelming amount of animals that are handed in to rehoming centres that require long term care and treatment, we could not survive without the financial help that we receive from companies such as Animal Friends Insurance. Schemes such as the ‘Rehomed Pet World Cup 2014’ competition not only allow us the opportunity to gain donations, but also allow us the opportunity to garner a greater awareness of the problems that independent rescue centres, such as ourselves, face on a daily basis.”

For media inquiries regarding the Animal Friends Pet Insurance ‘Rehomed Pet World Cup 2014’, individuals are encouraged to contact Communications Team Leader, Shaun Bartlett, directly at:

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