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The Future of Insurance

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With veterinary medicine advancing every day, can normal people afford not to be insured?

No one can afford not to have their beloved pet insured. Unfortunately, we do not know when our pet is going to have an accident or fall ill, so ensuring a good level of protection for him will not only give you peace of mind, but also enable him to have the best level of care needed to get him back to full health.

If you don’t take out insurance for your pet, you will have to rely on savings to cover any veterinary fees should the worst happen and with the advancement of medicine comes an increase in veterinary fees. So nobody can afford to not insure their pet.

What’s the average claim and how much has that gone up over the years? Any theories as to why?

Our average claim is approximately £350. This has noticeably risen over the years. There are many theories as to the increase, namely things such as technological changes and more sophisticated techniques are allowing vets to do more and charge more. Also there has been a rise in the number of vets and corporate vet groups who have increased their charges in order to remain profitable. Of course the increase in VAT rates will have an immediate effect on vet charges and average claims as well.

Why isn’t the cheapest premium always the best deal?

Cheap premiums usually reflect a low level in cover, compromising your pets’ treatment in times of need. As you’d expect, the cheaper the premium, the more basic the cover and this may not be enough when you come to make a claim.

It is in you and your pets’ best interests to look at the additional benefits a policy offers, cheaper premiums may seem appealing, but you may not get value for money. Lifetime covers are generally more expensive, but allow you to make repeated claims on the condition year after year.

It is always worth paying a bit more for a comprehensive policy which will give you adequate vet fee cover.

Can you shop around and move your insurance at renewal to get a better price like you do with car insurance? Why not?

Before you make a claim, it is possible to shop around for better premiums, however, be warned.

If you have claimed on this policy, you will have to face exclusions being placed on your pets future policies, which mean that you will be unable to claim for this condition with your new insurer.

If you change insurer whilst on a lifetime policy, it means you will no longer be able to receive the claims money per year to help with an on-going problem, such as diabetes.

With more and more amazing procedures possible, can insurance keep up with customer expectation and still remain affordable?

Absolutely, we believe at Animal Friends premiums will remain affordable in the future. Although more amazing procedures are available to treat your pet at a higher cost, we are positive that we are able to keep premiums competitive and affordable, whilst still providing excellent policies for all pets.

What’s the cheapest/most expensive type of dog to insure?

Cheaper breeds to insure are crossbreeds, as they are usually free of many health problems associated with pedigree breeds.

The more expensive breeds to insure are larger pedigree dogs, such as the Dogue De Bordeaux and Great Dane. These are considered higher risk pets as they are prone to health problems and generally veterinary fees are considerably more.

Do male or female dogs have the most claims?

We’ve experienced more claims coming from male dogs, although this is speculated to be purely chance, as none of the claims we’ve seen are specifically gender related. Perhaps male dogs are simply more unlucky!

What’s the biggest claim you’ve ever paid out on?

The biggest claim we’ve ever paid out was for a disk extrusion for a male dog – this is a very painful condition where the outer part of the spinal disk ruptures, and the inner, gelatinous part of the disk squeezes out. We paid out £5,992 as he was on our Prestige lifetime policy.

You’re opportunity to say in fifty words or less why our readers should insure with your company!

Animal Friends Insurance is an ethical insurance that donates large amounts from our own profits to animal charities worldwide to help less fortunate animals. We offer a wide range of comprehensive policies which provide great cover at competitive rates. The Feel Good Insurer!

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