Here to support you and your pets - business as usual at Animal Friends. To help us minimise any impact for our customers, we ask that you avoid where possible sending claims to us via post during this time unless absolutely necessary. Pawtal, our online claims system for vets, is still the fastest way to process a claim. Please speak to your vet to submit the claim at


What’s a co-payment?


When your dog is 8 or older or your cat is 10 or older, a co-payment will become payable when you make a claim for vet fees.

The co-payment is usually 20% of each claim amount that you’ll have to pay, in addition to the Excess and will be deducted from the applicable policy limit.

Just like people, as your pet ages the chance of it needing medical treatment increases, meaning you’re more likely to claim on your policy. This means that your premiums may increase as your pet ages.

How is a co-payment applied to a policy?

Here is an example based on an £800 claim for vet fees that was assessed and accepted in full:

Amount of claim: £800.00

You pay

Excess: £99.00

20% co-payment: £140.20

Total payable by you: £239.20

Animal Friends will pay: £560.80

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