What’s a co-payment?


Depending on your policy type and the age of your pet, a co-payment may also apply, which is the amount that you are required to pay towards a claim (in addition to the excess).

A mandatory co-payment is generally payable for dogs aged 8 years and older and for cats aged 10 years and older. In some circumstances we may be able to offer a voluntary co-payment. Please check your policy schedule to confirm the exact percentage applicable.

How is a co-payment applied to a policy?

The co-payment is deducted from the overall limit of your cover. For example, if you have a policy with a condition limit of £4,000, an excess of £69 and a co-payment of 35% the maximum settlement would be £2,555.15 for a single condition, assuming you claim this limit within one policy year.

Please check your policy summary to find out time restrictions relating to your limits, and how the excesses and co-payments will be applied in relation to this.

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