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Creating a better life

Animals everywhere rely on us to stand up for their rights and give them a voice. We're fighting to make sure they’re heard.

We are using our voice, our business and our community to help protect the future for animals everywhere. From campaigning for tougher sentences in cases of animal abuse and neglect to calling on the Government to make pet theft a specific offence: we want to save animals because they save us.

Explore our campaigning stories below starting from our most recent efforts.

Banish Beagle Cruelty

We are raising awareness of the plight of Beagle testing to:

  • Help provide these animals with the chance to experience love and care through a robust ‘rehabilitation and rehoming after release’ scheme.
  • Help bring in better living conditions and care for those that are still part of the animal testing system. 
  • Help show the importance of advancing Non-Animal Method testing which would also position the UK as a world leader in successful, cruelty-free laboratory experiments.

Make Chips Count

We’re supporting changes to microchipping laws in order to:

  • Make sure cats are given the same legal protections as dogs
  • Stop needless euthanasia
  • Make it easier to reunite pets with their owners

Help end whaling in the Faroe Islands

What we’re doing at Animal Friends to help end the mass slaughter of pilot whales and dolphins close to home, how you can get involved and help and why this unnecessary loss of life should stop.

Renters Reform Bill

We're supporting the Renters Reform Bill to:

  • Make it easier for tenants with pets to rent a home by ensuring landlords can’t unreasonably say no when a tenant requests to keep a pet. No family should be separated and have to choose between a roof over their head and a loved fur family member.
  • Increase the number of homes available to responsible pet owners and help relieve the strain on animal rescue centres. We’re in a ‘perfect storm’ and pets are suffering in this crisis, together we can help.

Pets are more than property

We've joined forces with Pet Theft Reform and Suzy Lamplugh Trust to:

  • Help keep our customers, and their pets, safe
  • Make pet theft a specific offence
  • Ensure criminals are held accountable for their crimes
  • Provide pets with a chance to get home if they get lost
Pet theft

Tougher sentences for animal abuse

In 2021, we joined PC Dave Wardell, Fabulous Finn and many others around the UK to:

  • Bring justice to abused and neglected animals
  • Introduce punishments to fit the crime
  • Create a stronger deterrent
  • Ensure animals are recognised as sentient beings
PC Dave Wardell and fabulous Finn

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