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Puppy insurance with the benefit of PupStart

Protect your pup and get free veterinary advice tailored to every stage of their development.

Puppies are covered under our dog insurance and those under 12 months old also benefit from PupStart. T&Cs apply.

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Healthy pups. Happy humans

We know it’s hard to imagine your beloved pup falling ill or getting hurt, but having insurance cover in place can help protect you from unexpected vet bills.

With cover for puppies starting from 4 weeks old, not only do you get peace of mind knowing your puppy is protected in their times of need, you’ll also get exclusive access to PupStart.

From top to tail, PupStart gives you all the essential advice and support you might need during the first 12 months of your puppy’s growth and development, plus you'll also get free access to veterinary experts at Joii so you can discuss any questions you have about caring for your puppy.

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Our policies covering puppy insurance

We have 5 types of pet insurance policies, including two options for Lifetime, each with different levels of cover for the cost of vet fees.

Pre-existing conditions aren’t covered, unless they have been treatment and symptom free for more than 2 years. We consider a condition to be pre-existing if your pet showed any signs or symptoms of it before your cover start date, whether they needed treatment previously or not.

Excluded breeds

This aims to protect your dog if they have an accident. It doesn’t cover you for any illnesses or diseases they might have. If your dog has an accident, the policy offers £2,500 per year towards the cost of treating their injuries. The £2,500 limit applies to each accident your dog might have, and there’s no limit to the number of accidents you can claim for.

Each accident also has a lifetime limit of £15,000 – as long as you renew your policy. So, you can make claims over multiple years if your dog needs long-term treatment for their injuries – up to the £2,500 annual limit.

See Accident Only details

Time Limited products aim to protect your dog if they become ill or are injured in an accident. You can claim up to a set amount for vet fees for each condition your dog might have.

Each new condition is covered for 12 months – as long as you renew your policy. The 12 months starts from the date your dog first showed signs or symptoms of the condition. Once you reach your vet fee limit – or after 12 months, whichever comes first – we won’t cover that condition anymore, even after you renew.

The annual limit in your schedule is the most we’ll pay in total each year for all conditions.

See Time Limited details

Maximum Benefit policies aim to protect your dog if they become ill or are injured in an accident. You can claim up to a set amount for vet fees for each condition your dog might have. You can claim for as many conditions as you need to, as long as you stay within the vet fee limit for each condition. Once you reach the limit for a condition, you won't be able to make a claim for it again, even after you renew.

See Max Benefit details

Lifetime Annual Limit

Lifetime Annual Limit policies aim to protect your dog if they become ill or are injured in an accident. This policy allows you to claim up to a set amount for vet fees each policy year. You can claim for as many conditions as you need to each policy year, as long as you stay within your vet fee limit. The limit resets when you renew, and we’ll cover your dog’s conditions for as long as you have a policy with us.

Lifetime Condition Limit

Lifetime Condition Limit policies aim to protect your dog if they become ill or are injured in an accident. This policy allows you to claim up to a set amount for vet fees per policy year for each condition your dog might have. You can claim for as many conditions as you need to each policy year. This limit resets when you renew, and we’ll cover your dog’s conditions for as long as you have a policy with us.

See Lifetime details

Pet insurance premiums increase as your pet gets older, as the chance of your pet becoming ill increases. Excesses apply to all our policies and a co-payment is currently payable on claims if you renew your policy after your dog turns 8 years old.

PupStart benefits

Have one to one video calls with veterinary nurses at Joii. Raise any concerns or questions you have, from neutering to food and puppy behaviour.

Available from the comfort of your own home, any time night or day, 365 days a year, get the vet support you need through the Joii Pet Care app.

Receive information from Animal Friends and the veterinary experts at Joii, to help you take care of your puppy at key stages in their development.

PupStart will give you the knowledge and skills to understand the changes your dog is going through, helping you to build and maintain a strong relationship from puppy, through to adolescence and into adulthood.

To help you protect your pup from fleas and ticks. Get your one month free flea and tick treatment when you have your first puppy clinic with a Joii veterinary nurse.

Each month, Animal Friends will be giving away £200 worth of puppy goodies to a new PupStart customer. There'll also be two runners up prizes. T&Cs apply.

Designed to help you prepare for some of the most common injuries or mishaps, learn how you can give your puppy first aid through a free online training session with Dog First Aid Training.

PupStart and Puppy Prize Bundle T&Cs

Read all the terms and conditions to our PupStart benefits or find out more about PupStart.

PupStart terms & conditions:

  1. All participants must be resident in the UK and aged 18 or over.
  2. If you cease to be an Animal Friends Pet Insurance customer you will be removed from the PupStart programme, as the benefits are exclusive to customers.
  3. To access one-to-one virtual puppy clinics and vet consults, you’ll need to download the free Joii Pet Care app and sign up as an Animal Friends Pet Insurance customer.
  4. To receive the in-app puppy content from Joii, customers will need to ensure that the message function is switched on in the Joii Pet Care app preferences.
  5. Joii Pet Care is currently not able to offer prescription medication to all areas of the UK due to a change in the RCVS guidelines. The Joii Pet Care vet team will be able to confirm during a consult if they are able to prescribe prescription medications in your area.

Click to see full PupStart terms & conditions


Puppy Prize Bundle monthly draw terms & conditions:  

To be entered into the PupStart monthly prize draw, customers must:

  • Buy or own an Animal Friends Insurance policy for a puppy (between four weeks and 12 months old).
  • Register with the Joii Pet Care App as an Animal Friends Pet Insurance customer.
  • Complete one PupStart nurse consultation to be entered into the prize draw for that month, accessed via the ‘Puppy Clinics’ section within the Joii Pet Care app.
  • The Competition runs every calendar month from January 1st – December 31st 2022.

Click to see full Puppy Prize Bundle monthly draw terms & conditions

According to the Association of British Insurers the average pet insurance claim in 2020 was £817.

How much cover do you need?

According to the Association of British Insurers, the average vet claim was £817 in 2020.

Knowing how much your dog could cost is important so you’re prepared with the right type of policy and we’re here to help with cover up to £18,000 in a year.

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Buying your first puppy? We can help...

Getting your first puppy is incredibly exciting but there are many things to think about even before you pick out which lucky pup you will bring home. But there's no need to worry, our free advice can help you make the right choices so you can just focus on starting a wonderful new life together.

Owner checklist     Dog breed guide      How to buy responsibily

FAQs on insuring your puppy

When you welcome a new addition to your home, the last thing you want is for your pup to get hurt or to become unwell and have to worry about paying for their treatment. That’s where puppy insurance comes in! Peace of mind for pet owners, puppy insurance helps protect against unexpected veterinary costs.

Just like any other insurance policy, you pay a pre-calculated monthly (you can sometimes pay annually) premium so that your puppy is covered when they need it most. Your policy will outline what’s covered and up to how much while detailing any exclusions, your excess, and any other things you’ll need to know about your puppy’s insurance.

It’s in a puppy’s nature to explore the world around them as they grow which can make them quite susceptible to accidents so you could end up at the vet sooner than you might have expected.

Puppy insurance ensures your puppy is well looked after, with insurance from Animal Friends providing cover if your dog was to pass away, is lost or stolen, hurts someone or damages property with other benefits available depending on the chosen level of cover.

Policies vary, but you’ll typically find a number of common exclusions including the cost of routine care such as vaccinations, worm and flea treatment and costs of microchipping.

Animal Friends can insure your puppy as soon as they’re a month old as long as they live with you!

You cannot insure your puppy with an Animal Friends policy before they live with you at your UK address. We can, however, set up a policy to start as soon as you bring your pup home as long as it’s no more than a month away.

It may be worth asking to see whether the breeder has an insurance policy which covers the puppy before it comes to live with you. This way, there will be no gap in your puppy’s protection once it leaves the litter.

While every breed has its strengths and weaknesses (see our list of breed-specific health conditions), puppies in particular can be more prone to health conditions, due to their age and behavioural characteristics.

These include:

  • Complications from changing their diet after arriving home
  • Getting ill as their immune systems aren’t fully developed (this happens at around five months)
  • Injuries resulting from inability to assess risk (like jumping from high places)
  • Wear-and-tear issues relating to under-developed joints and over-exercise

There are multiple factors that decide the price of your puppy’s insurance policy. These include:

  • Your pup’s age
  • The breed of your pup
  • Where you live
  • The type of cover

When looking for your perfect pup, don’t forget to choose a breed that suits your lifestyle before getting quotes as this will ensure a better lifelong relationship for you and your dog.