Dog breed-specific health conditions

Each breed of dog is different, meaning they tend to be affected by different conditions. Learn about the common health conditions that affect each breed.

Dachshund sat in a garden

Dachshund health problems

The Dachshund’s unique bone structure leaves them vulnerable to back problems and joint conditions, as well as dental disease.

Chihuahua sat in the grass

Chihuahua health problems

Learn how the Chihuahua’s small size can lead to eye problems, dental disease, breathing issues and difficulty giving birth to puppies.

Two Border Terriers sat outside

Border Terrier health problems

Border Terriers may be easy to recognise amongst other terriers because they have a head like that of an otter but they can come with joint, eye and neurological problems.

Labrador health problems

A guide to Labrador health problems, what to look out for and how to treat them.

Lhasa Apso health problems

A guide to Lhasa Apso health problems and the conditions they could experience in their life.

Lurcher health problems

A guide to Lurcher health problems from the common conditions found in the breed to symptoms you can look out for.

Border Collie

Border collie health problems

They are intelligent dogs but Border Collies are at risk of certain problems and conditions relating to their breed.

Yorkshire terrier sat in a field

Yorkshire terrier health problems

Yorkies may be small in size, but the breed comes with its fair share of health issues. Find out about the common health problems they may face.

West Highland Terrier

West highland terrier health problems

West Highland Terriers are susceptible to skin conditions, ear infections and eye problems, joint and hormone disorders, and the 'westie jaw'.