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Get ready to put your best paw forward with our tail-wagging dog training campaign!

Dog training should be a wonder-fur-l experience for you and your canine companion – it’s also really impawtant, because great training sets you both up for a better future. So, thanks to our very willing Animal Friends volunteers (furry and otherwise!) and our resident PR specialist Tamika , who will be drawing on her past experiences as a dog trainer, we’ve created a series of videos to guide you while training your dog from home.

Learn the dog training basics that’ll help you every step of the way, including :

We’ve also got some helpful articles to support you and your canine companion through your unique training journey :

Remember that your doggo is an individual, so their training routine and progression will look different to another’s. It’s important not to put too much pressure on yourself, or your dog, to achieve something significant in each training session.

Here are three pawsome tips to help make your doggy homeschool sessions more enjoyable…

Top tip one, making mistakes is part of the journey: Making minor mistakes tend to help you and your dog learn what not to do, which can support you both in discovering the best way to move forward.

Top tip two, taking a break is essential: Training your canine companion isn’t a competition or a race – taking your time by having frequent breaks will keep sessions fun, for both of you.

Top tip three, quality over quantity: If you’re only able to keep your dog’s attention for two minutes a day, that’s absolutely fine! Some pups are easily distracted, while others love to stay focused, so stick to session lengths to suit their and your personality.

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Building on Loose Lead Walking

Taking your loose lead walking one step further.

Loose Lead Walking training

Loose lead walking is impawtant to keep your dog safely under control by preventing them from pulling.

Introducing body touches and rewarding calm behaviour

Calm body touches are an essential training technique to help your puppy prepare for important care activities.

How to manage barking

Excessive barking can pose a problem, as it can also create a lot of anxiety for both you and your dog. So how can we manage it?

Getting your dog comfortable with a collar or harness

Exploring the best ways to help your dog feel comfortable with wearing a collar and harness, as the sensation of wearing a new one may seem strange at first

Recall training

Recall - Perhaps the most impawtant type of training when taking our dogs out and about.

Building on recall training

Revisiting recall, adding distance and avoiding distractions. 

Mouthing and jumping up

Are we really just encouraging our dogs to jump up or mouth? How can we really stop it. 

Finding the right reward for training your dog

Before embarking on training your dog at home, it’s important to find the right reward for your furry friend.