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Save animals with us

Protecting your pet is our purpose, animal welfare is our passion.

Cover that fights for animal rights and pet welfare

Shaping a better future

We are on a mission to create a better life for every animal. We believe that all animals, from the domestic to the exotic, deserve the right to be protected and to live happy and healthy lives.

That is why we don't just give funding to animal welfare charities and conservancies, we also use our voice and our platform to raise awareness of the challenges and issues that are still causing innocent animals to suffer.

We want to shape a better future for all the incredible, fascinating, mysterious and loving creatures our beautiful world has to offer.

Animal welfare is our passion

Since we began in 1998, we've worked with hundreds of organisations around the world to help provide care and support for abused, neglected and endangered animals. But fighting the symptoms doesn't prevent the cause.

We are now growing our support and work with unique and innovative organisations that are fighting to protect vulnerable ecosystems, educate communities and build sustainable solutions for the benefit of all. We can all be part of the change.

Together we can make a difference

Making a difference since 1998

Covering land, sea and air, pets and wildlife, so far we have given over £8.5 million to more than 800 charities across all seven continents to bring about positive change for animals.

Together we can make a difference.

Proud to be different

Unlike other leading UK pet insurers, we were built to be unmistakably different. Our customers know that their policy and their pet are helping to improve the lives of animals at home and abroad.

If you want to find out how we're championing animal welfare and how you can help save the lives of vulnerable animals, visit our blogs. If there is an animal welfare campaign that you think needs our help, please let us know by emailing