Pet insurance with purpose

Multi-award winning, affordable pet insurance, designed to help create a better life for every animal.

Multi-award winning, affordable pet insurance, designed to help create a better life for every animal.

We understand that some people are finding it hard to cope with finances at the moment, but please be reassured, we're here to help. 

Trusted policies from a leading UK pet insurer

For over 25 years’, we've been dedicated to providing UK owners with unique pet insurance cover. Our policies and our specialist experience, means we're now rated "Excellent" by over 25,000 customers just like you! And it's not just due to our range of pet insurance policies on offer.

Our other benefits include:

  • The power to choose your excess, to help manage your budget.
  • Easy to understand and clear policies.
  • Effortless claims - your vet can submit your claim and we'll pay them directly.
  • An online account to help manage your policy and claims
    on the go.
  • Access to exclusive discounts and offers through our Treat Tin

And that's not all! Every Animal Friends policy helps make a difference to vulnerable pets and wildlife around the world!

What does Animal Friends pet insurance cover?

Our range of pet insurance policies give you the power to choose the type and level of cover that's right for your pet's needs and your budget. Plus many more benefits:

Vet fee cover from £1,000 to £18,000 - Choose a level of vet fee cover to suit your needs and budget.

Free online vet support - Dog and cat customers can call on a vet or vet nurse at any time of the day or night, any day of the year.

Public Liability - Some of our pet insurance policies provide cover in the event your pet injures someone or damages their property.

Missing or stolen pet - Some of our pet insurance policies can help towards the cost of finding your dog or cat if they're stolen or go missing.

Behavioural therapy - Our Prestige, Lifetime £10,000 and £18,000 policies cover behavioural therapy, including training to address behavioural issues like separation anxiety.

Dental - Selected dog and cat insurance policies can cover dental accidents, or both dental accidents and illnesses.

All our pet insurance policies are subject to Terms and Conditions - please read them carefully to understand what you're covered for.

Animal Friends pet insurance FAQs

Your puppy or kitten must be at least 4 weeks old and must live with the policyholder to be insured.

Yes, we can insure senior pets.

To help us keep premiums as low as possible, when your dog turns 8 years of age, or your cat turns 10 years of age, a co-payment will apply to your policy from your next renewal date (or at the point of taking the policy out, if they have already reached that age).

The co-payment is 20% and is paid by you each time you make a claim in addition to your excess. Full details can be found in your Policy Schedule and in your online account.

To find out which breeds are excluded, please visit our lists of excluded breeds for cat policies and dog policies.

We don’t cover any accident or injury that happens within the first 2 days of your policy start date, or any illness within the first 14 days. We also don’t cover any claims involving cruciate ligaments for the first 14 days.

Pre-existing conditions aren't covered by our policies.

Our Lifetime £5,000 and Prestige policies provide cover for dental accidents.

Our Lifetime £10,000 and Lifetime £18,000 provide cover for dental accidents and illnesses.

Policy terms & conditions apply.

Routine treatments, like vaccinations, are not covered by your pet insurance policy.

Yes, all of our policies cover complementary treatments including physio, as long as they’re recommended by a vet.

Terms & conditions apply, see cover levels in Policy Booklets.

We’ll only cover complementary treatments that are performed by a qualified specialist and recommended by a vet. Learn more about our complementary therapy cover.

We understand making a claim can be a stressful time, that’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible for you. We are able to pay your vet directly when you claim.

However, if your vet would rather you pay for the claim, you will need to pay your vet first and then submit your claim to us. In these circumstances, if we accept your claim we will pay you directly.

While setting up your pet’s policy, you can select the excess you will need to pay if you make a vet fee claim.

Our policies have five vet fee excess options for you to choose from: £69, £99, £159, £199 and £249.

You can increase your excess at any time, though you can only decrease your excess at renewal.

You can pay premiums annually or monthly. It doesn’t cost more if you choose to pay monthly by Direct Debit.

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