Is dental treatment covered?

If you have a Lifetime £10,000 or Lifetime £18,000 policy, we’ll pay for dental illness or accident up to £3,000.

If you have a Lifetime Prestige policy or a Lifetime £5,000 policy, we’ll pay to have your pet’s teeth removed, or their gums repaired, if they’re damaged in an accident. We don’t cover any other dental or gum treatments or conditions, including epulis.

We’ll only cover dental illness or accident claims on these policies if your pet had a dental exam within a year of the injury or illness and you followed the vet’s advice.

If you have any other policy, we don’t cover any dental or gum treatments or conditions at all. This includes the cost of any tests that lead to a dental or gum problem being diagnosed.

This benefit is different for customers who have renewed with us from Aviva. 

Pet insurance terms explained

Pet insurance can be confusing.

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