Cat and Koala looking over an illustrated fence

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Behind every donation, every animal saved and charity supported, there’s someone like you helping to make a difference.

The Tusk Lion Trail

In celebration of World Lion Day on 10th August, a pride of sculptures is now on the prowl in the streets of London to help highlight the threats to the species and Tusk Trust’s conservation efforts.

Tikam the Puma, an apartment, and Four Paws

Tikam the Puma cub was rescued from a bathroom in Germany, the victim of the illegal wildlife smuggling trade. See how Four Paws is working hard to end the big cat trade and alleviate animal suffering.

Tusk's Big Cat - Little Cat campaign

TUSK tell us about their Big Cat - Little Cat campaign, and what effect simply naming the lions in Botswana has had on their conservation efforts.

5 interesting facts from Four Paws

Here are 5 interesting facts about Four Paws as part of our 100k Charity Giveaway 2019.

A hedgehog with alopecia

How does stress affect animals?

Stress related illnesses in animals aren’t as uncommon as you’d think. Here are a few tips on reducing your pet’s anxiety.

The negative effect of the media on animal abandonment.

The strong influence of the media can be felt every time an animal is put in the spotlight, as many are taken in by shelters as a result.

Basking Shark image

The Basking Sharks return

Is there a link between the Lockdown and the Basking Sharks returning to the coasts of the UK? Or does it simply have something to do with the warm weather?

Image of a Lemur in a tree

Endangered Species Spotlight: Northern Sportive Lemur

Our endangered Species Spotlight turns to the Northern Sportive Lemur of Madagascar.

Image of a deer stood in a burning field

Earth Day: How natural disasters affect animals

At Animal Friends we have been thinking about how natural disasters and extreme weather can affect both wild and domestic animals.