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Behind every donation, every animal saved and charity supported, there’s someone like you helping to make a difference.

Where can I visit ugly endangered animals?

Find out where you can visit the remarkable creatures featured in our "Ugly" Endangered Animals campaign...

Animals you didn’t know were endangered & the charities who support them

Let us introduce you to 10 incredible but endangered animals and some of the charities working to save them...

Proboscis monkey fact file

Find out more about the monkey that sometimes has to move its nose to be able to eat...

Natterjack toad fact file

Learn more about the "running toad"...

Pangolin fact file

Learn more about the only mammal that's entirely covered in scales...

African white-backed vulture fact file

Learn more about nature’s clean-up crew...

Shortfin Mako Shark fact file

Learn more about the speediest sharks in the ocean.

The importance of biodiversity

Why Animal Friends is passionate about protecting vulnerable animals and the ecosystems they live in.

The Home of No Judgement

This love is pure, it’s one of a kind. Who you truly are, they really don’t mind.

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