Christmas Day at Rushton Dog Rescue

Learn more about the charity home to many different species, from dogs and cats to horses and ducks...

15th December 2023

Rushton Dog Rescue was founded in 2007 by Cindi McNeil Regan, who was inspired by her late partner’s dream to set up a rescue centre. 

Team Rushton doesn’t only rescue dogs from the UK, however – they actively rescue animals in need from around the world. A few of the countries Rushton Dog Rescue have successfully saved dogs from are Ireland, Spain, Egypt, Cape Verde, China, and Romania.   

At Rushton Dog Rescue, the welfare and safety of animals in their care is at the heart of everything they do. Dedicated mother-daughter duo, Cindi and Zoe, work tirelessly every day to give rescued animals a brighter future though they don’t just rescue dogs… 

Freedom Farm – Rushton Dog Rescue’s sanctuary and rehoming centre – is home to many different species, from dogs and cats to horses and ducks! 

Christmas at Rushton Dog Rescue

While most of us celebrate Christmas Day as a special occasion with our loved ones, it’s ‘just another day’ for the wonderful volunteers working at small animal rescue centres. Here’s what a typical Christmas Day looks like for Rushton Dog Rescue, as told by Cindi and Zoe…

“Christmas Day is like any other day for us at Freedom Farm, Cindi & Zoe will take charge of the day, as they do every day! 
6.30am: Let out the dogs who live with us and down a coffee! (We usually wear some outfit/Christmas hat, so the animals know Santa has been!)
Next, we open up all kennels, buildings and dog living quarters. Christmas music is then on all radios, so we can all have a sing and a dance with the dogs! 
Ponies and barn animals – which includes a rabbit, ducks and a pig! – are all are let out and given breakfast. 

7:30am: Field time! Everyone is out in the fields and in their outdoor areas, where the real fun for them begins… Lots of running, playing and generally getting up to mischief! 

This is when the first batch of Christmas toys will appear and it’s a big free for all! Lots of fun for them, whilst we gather the stuffing ripped out of the toys. 
9am: We start the deep cleaning. All poop is picked up as soon as we enter the buildings in the morning, but the deep cleaning is very important to ensure all sleeping areas are spotless for when they come in for their midday naps! 
Midday: By around 12pm, everyone will be back in the warm and dry. That’s when we will start to dish out the Xmas Day dinners for all, including chicken and vegetables! 
Once everyone is fed and happy, we will grab a snack and another coffee whilst all the animals have their midday naps for a couple of hours. 
2pm: Stables and barn animals are then cleaned out, to prepare the stables and barn before we get them back in for the evening. 
3.30pm: Everyone is back out again! Lots more running, playing and seeing what else Santa has brought! 

Clean bedding then gets dished back out for the evening ahead, and all living quarters are cleaned to ensure everything is ready for nighttime. 
6.30pm: Will be the time we gather all animals back into their homes and dish out more food, for those who have more meals, and bedtime treats! 
8pm: Is the time all animals are settled and in the for the night, and we go around to do another check to make sure everyone is settled and happy! 
9pm: We will then have a dinner for us humans – maybe a little earlier if we’re lucky! 
Then, on Boxing Day…. we’ll do it all again! 
Christmas Day is exactly like any other day for us at Freedom Farm, just with some more special treats and toys for the animals! The best present we could ever want is our dogs and other animals to be happy, healthy, and safe – that’s enough for us.” 

How we’ve helped Rushton Dog Rescue

We’re incredibly proud to be able to support small, yet amazing, animal rescue centres that provide a safe haven for animals in need, like Rushton Dog Rescue.

Over the years, we’ve donated around £25,000 to Rushton Dog Rescue.

Earlier this year, we donated £1,500 to Rushton Dog Rescue, which made a big difference to the Somerset-based sanctuary and rehoming centre: 

“We at Rushton Dog Rescue have received support from Animal Friends many times over the years, most recently they granted us £1,500 to assist with the new heating for the rescue dogs, we are so grateful and this is going to make such a positive impact for the dog, three cheers for Animal Friends!”

To discover how the smallest act of kindness can make the biggest difference to local animal rescue centres, please visit our Suppawt Small, Believe Big campaign. We wanted to give animals in rescue centres a happier ‘tail’ to tell this festive season. So, we asked our customers, colleagues, and charities to nominate a local rescue centre close to their heart to receive a donation from us.

If you know of a small, local rescue centre in need of a little extra ‘suppawt’, why not check out our guide on how to give a different gift this year?

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